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MLB 15 The Show Diamond Dynasty Legends Reviews: NL West

SGO Thermal

Staff member
This is the first year MLB The Show has used Legends in their game and is also one of the biggest attractions to playing Diamond Dynasty. This was also one of the main reasons that SDS decided to stick with real MLB players and legends rather than going back to the Diamond Dynasty fictional players. It is a win/win situation for SDS, but how do these legends fare on the Diamond and are they worth obtaining? In this 6 part guide I will discuss the Legend’s ratings, how they play on the field, and how much it is going to cost you to acquire them.

In Part 1 we are going to start with the NL West. Be aware that there are two methods to get legends. The first one is through collections and the second one is the random draw of your packs. Each team has a collection of cards and if collected then you will acquire their Legendary player! Keep in mind that you do not need to acquire every single player for that team! You only need to obtain the players to the right of the legend! This means any card that is rated higher than the legend will not be necessary to complete the collection!

Also, SDS is updating the players’ ratings weekly and this includes transactions. So players such as, Craig Kimbrel, will now be in their new teams’ collection. This may be something that can drastically affect collections later on, so make sure you take advantage of the budget collections!

Let’s get started with the reviews! Remember I am judging the Legend’s value, so this is a combination of what it costs to obtain them to how they actually perform on the field!