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MLB 15 The Show Tips: Directional & Analog Hitting Guide

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MLB 15 The Show Tips: Directional & Analog Hitting Guide

The developers at San Diego Studios decided to make some significant changes for the hitting in MLB 15 The Show. Many consumers were complaining it was too difficult to hit, especially online. Users would also not want to play online games, because “Timing” hitting was not allowed for online play. For this year’s iteration of the MLB The Show, the developers decided to add a new hitting interface as well as change how Analog works. Many players are still confused by all of the new settings and how to even use them. In this guide, I will break down the basics, as well as, some approaches to use for the new hitting interface, Directional Hitting. I will also explain the key differences with Analog in comparison to previous years.

Directional Hitting
This interface is very similar to that of MVP 05’s hitting interface. It has a simple concept.You look one spot and if you get your pitch there then hit it. The developers felt like this would simplify hitting and that it also allowed users to use a more realistic approach at the plate. They also strongly recommended not to shift the arrows (arrows show users where they are looking In the strike zone) in the middle of a pich, because it can cause confusion and it also shifts the camera. However, users do have the option to turn toggle the arrows off and turn the shifting camera off. Personally, I recommend trying to react to the pitch with these features off if you are trying to improve your hitting. This can allow you to look inside for the heat then react to an outside pitch and turn it into an opposite field hit. Give both approaches a shot or even try to mix and match with them. For example, you may want to look inside on a 2-0 count, but then when protecting the plate you can choose to react to the pitch.

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