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NBA 2K Community Upset With Unresolved Issues in NBA 2K16

SGO Thermal

Staff member
NBA 2K16 might be our game of the year for 2015, but no game is perfect, and that goes for NBA 2K16 as well. Now, the NBA 2K community on Reddit has banded together to inform the developers that yes, the game does have problems. Some are pretty bad. The post is effectively an open letter to 2K to address the community’s frustration with some aspects of the game. Redditor yyy2K has put together a list of the things that they think need improvement, and asks that the community iterate on it. Here are the bullet points listed:

  • MyTeam Content: Dynamic+Moments+Diamond cards+New Gauntlet Boards
  • MyTeam Play to Win not Pay to Win
  • 2K MyTeam falling behind NBA Live UT
  • MyTeam 0-0
  • Pro-Am instability
  • In game advertising
  • VC purchase scamming
  • 2K Support
  • PC Cheaters
  • Users being banned for uploading pictures