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New Official NSBA sign up

Psn: Pickyourpoison5

Email: [email protected]

Best way to contact: groupme or 732-977-8308

Sim basketball is playing realistically. Run plays but don't over use them, play on ball Defense at all times even in zone, keep shot attempts close to even (don't just abuse the paint/3pt shot). Play fair no charges outside the paint or just trying to turbo past someone....USE DRIBBLE MOVES TO GET PAST A DEFENDER.

Top 5: Orlando, golden state, wolves, Portland, bulls
PSN: brandonhill31

Email: [email protected]

Best way to contact: Email ([email protected])

Sim Ball = bringing the ball down the court, and setting up an offense. Basically more NBA, less NBA JAM.

My 5 Teams: Blazers, Bucks, Clips, Suns, Pistons (i'll be any team though)

I'm an English teacher overseas, and have an excellent schedule that will allow me to play games when they're available. Thanks dudes.

Psn: VitalMindz5
Email: [email protected]
Groupme or phone: 804-615-3367
Sim ball: Running plays, on ball defense, using your whole team, playing like you see in real life.
Top 5 teams: cavs, suns, warriors, pelicans, bulls


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Psn: BeezyDaCaporBoy
Email/groupme: [email protected]
Best way to contact: 281-701-3902
Define Sim ball: realistic style of play. If you don't see it in a real game or life then it isn't realistic. 100% on ball D. Relax on the turbo. Take the league and games seriously.
Top 5 Teams:
Warriors cavs Thunder Portland Hawks
[email protected]
email above.
Sim ball is an attempt to simulate the beautiful game we all love; basketball. By creating rules and getting the right group of gamers, sim ball at its best is highly competive, fair gaming between two players trying to out execute one another rather than trying to out "cheese" each other.
Knicks, Warriors, Cavs, T Wolves, Suns.

Rambo Fx

Psn: RamboFX
Email/groupme: Rambo FX (groupme) [email protected]
Best way to contact: group me
Define Sim ball: sim ball is playing the game the way it was meant to be played. No cheese.
Top 5 Teams: heat, warriors, clippers, wizards,rockets