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Official NSBA Sign Ups/Wait List(PS4)


PSN ID: Eman__3
Groupme info: [email protected]
Age: 20
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Play like you see it on TV! Run and Mix up Plays, Use different Post Moves, Run fast breaks only off a turnover or PG rebound, and
play 100% ON BALL D!
Top 5 Teams: Bucks, Knicks, Raptors, Mavs, Celtics


PSN ID: Aliboomahyeh
Groupme info: [email protected]
Age: 22
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: To play as one would see in reality in the NBA. Along with mixing up plays and showing respect. And specific to video gaming: ON BALL D!
Top 5 Teams: Heat, Hornets, Knicks, Lakers, Raptors,


Groupme info:[email protected]
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball:SIM is considered representing the nuances of realistic basketball that would be played on the court.
Top 5 Teams:Thunder/cavs/clippers/Rockets/heat
PSN ID: KCChiefer42O
Groupme info: 9168072716
Age: 29
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Not holding sprint, ballhogging, shooting 3's all gm, and playing on ball d as much as you can
Top 5 Teams: Cavs, Thunder, Warriors, Kings
Groupme info:
Define playing "sim" basketball: playing actual basketball, no back and forth bs, on ball D all game, no excessive ripping/shooting 3s.
Tops 5 teams:nets, suns,warriors, blazers, rockets
PSN ID: This_Guyyy_Joe
Groupme info:516-286-1029
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Playing real basketball, running plays, not shooting 3's every possession, not taking 40 shots with one player, playing the game like it is in the nab
Top 5 Teams: Knicks,Warriors, Spurs, Heat, Bulls
PSN ID: Weigt
Groupme info: 734-756-7593
Age: 32
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Playing realistic basketball without shooting with 1 guy all game or taking advantage of the AI. Shooting all over the court, not just PIP.
Top 5 Teams: Bulls, Clippers, Pistons, Warriors, Kings
PSN ID: JohnnyEagles3
Groupme info: 609-816-3361
Age: 22
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Not taking advantage of glitches. Mixing up the pace of the game with plays and not going to paint every time.
Top 5 Teams: Cavs, Lakers, Knicks, Heat, Wiz


PSN ID: iEako

Groupme info: [email protected]

Age: 16

Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Using players tendencies not yours eg; Rondo drive and kicking out, Also slowing down the tempo of games for example walking up the court milking the clock when you have a lead forces the opposition to put pressure on the ball and just dont force shots thats all.

Top 5 Teams: Trailblazers, Spurs, Rockets, Pelicans, Pistons


PSN ID: raytex3
Groupme info: raytex3
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: playing the game how it is suppose to be played
Top 5 Teams: Spurs clippers Rockets Bulls Knicks

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Psn Id: ajwolfy23

Group me info: [email protected]


Define playing Sim basketball: playing the game like the nba and not using glitches to your advantage

Top 5 teams: Clippers, spurs, mavs, rockets, pacers
Psn ID : Irunwidscizzer

Groupme : [email protected]

Age : 20

Define play "SIM" basket ball : Playing real Nba ball like its suppose to be , no turdoing down the court , running real plays design for the specific type of players on your nba league team . Not using a super star for every play , playing team ball. And lastly making level headed real trades thats beneficial for both teams

Top 5 teams : bobcats , nuggets , golden state , clippers , heat ( only because of dwanye wade)
PSN ID: Prodisteez

Groupme info: [email protected]

Age: 16

Define playing "sim basketball": sim basketball is playing the way a player plays in real life. each player has it's own crossover, stepback and etc for a reason, don't abuse something and don't just shoot threes with Kyle Korver and drop 30 points because that doesn't happen and 80 field goal pct for a team isn't realistic play at a real pace. You should be able to run plays, play on ball d, not worry about back court charges and have fun. no cheese.

Top 5 teams: Magic, Raptors, Hornets, Kings, Wizards
Psn id: blaz230
Age: 20
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Play like you see it on TV! Run and Mix up Plays, Use different Post Moves, Run fast breaks only off a turnover or PG rebound, and
play 100% ON BALL D!
Top 5 Teams: Bull, Knicks, Okc, Mavs, clippers


PSN ID: Infinityx999xEM
Age: 22
Define sim: mix up plays, don't shoot with one player, on ball defense, do what you see in real life.
Teams: well CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The return is near!!!!!!!


PSN ID: chris11sg

Groupme info: [email protected]

Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Sim basketball as it refers to 2k would be in short not to exploit the game. Running an offense, not turbo'ing down court/guns-a-blazin, playing on ball D... Replicating what you see nightly in the NBA.

Top 5 Teams: ROCKETS, Rockets, rockets, those things they have @ NASA, and that team that plays in the 713/281/832 area code....


Groupme info: K Simms
Age: 23
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: not running up and down the court religiously. not usering center on defense at all times, not taking charges the whole way down court, not just playing streetball in half court sets
Top 5 Teams: Pacers, Warriors, Rockets, Lakers, Cavs, Raptors