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Official NSBA Sign Ups/Wait List(PS4)


Psn : Ohara _ D12
Groupme : [email protected]
Age 26
Playing sim basketball is what u see on tv. I understand it's a video game but we're trying to simulate reality. On ball D is a MUST, running plays, and not taking advantage of the disadvantages in the video game.. if u wanna play arcade style go buy NBA jam

Top 5 teams : Pistons, Kings, Bulls, Cavs, Jazz


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PSN: Malibu_maha

Group me:malibu_maha


Sim is true to life ball. Running your sets to get the best shots possible. Playing on ball D. Basically what you saw the spurs do to the heat lol. I know they aren't many teams left but if there are any let me rock.
PSN ID: rukac37
Groupme info: [email protected]
Age: 22
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: I am playing professional basketball in my country and I want to improve my basketball IQ via NSBA as well.. I am trying to play same as I would on the real court
Top 5 Teams: Bulls, Blazers, Knicks, Spurs and OKC
PSN ID: Pickyourpoison
GroupMe: 732.977.8308
Age: 31
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Realistic basketball. Play as you'd see on tv. Run plays, On ball D, don't average 100 ppg with Lebron.
Top 5 Teams: Orlando Magic, Golden State, Clippers, Knicks, Minnesota
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Psn : djinfinite1914
Groupme : djinfnite1914
Age 40

On Ball Defense, not running around with PG and forcing paint with guys all game. Using some sort of realistic strategy to play the game of basketball.

Top 5 teams : Hawks, Kings, Rockets, Grizzlies and Timberwolves.


Psn : Tabez
Groupme : Tabez
Age 25

Play like real life. Spread the ball around, play hard D, pretty much everything normal.

Top 5 teams: Raptors, Wolves, Warriors, Bucks, Cavs
PSN- Deejay_Elementz
Groupme- Deejay_Elementz
Age- 24
Define SIM: Playings as it is played in real life, use play calling, fast breaks only on turn overs, pass the ball rather than score 50pts with 1 player, not exposing the flaws in the game and shooting 3s every time up the court.
Top 5 Teams- Lakers, Knicks, Bulls, 76ers, Celtics
Follow the Template Please

PSN ID: DubbyDubbs

info: [email protected]/613-884-9186

Age: 25

Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: on ball D, run plays, do not sit in zone all game from tip off. Mix it up on offence (run plays, call ISOs, shoot 3s, post up, come off screens, pick and roll, pick and pop). Don't call the same play continuously. Try to play true to life and don't take advantage of any flaws produced by 2k.

Top 5 Teams: Raptors, Bulls, Wizards, Suns, Timberwolves.


PSN ID: Mukem
Groupme info: [email protected]
Age: 29
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Running plays, not running contant fast break or spamming steal, on ball defense. Playing like you'd see in a real game.
Top 5 Teams: Pistons, Kings, Cavs, Suns, Sixers
Not jacking up 3s over and over. Include plays and mix up moves. No glitching or taking advantage of issues with game
1) 76ers
2-5) Bucks, Twolves, Celtics, Warriors


Groupme info: [email protected]
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: More realistic and an overall better feel to the game. More fun and challenging it causes you to really play the game of basketball
Top 5 Teams: Timberwolves,Golden State, Bucks, Bulls, Cavs,
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PSN ID: DaCode10
Groupme info: [email protected] 952-607-7573
Age: 19
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: On ball defense at all times, FB only off of TO or PG rebounds. Running plays. Balancing inside and outside scoring.
Top 5 Teams: Timberwolves, Thunder, Hornets, Clippers, Bulls
Playing sim basketball to me is playing realistically no riding one player doing actually plays and using real basketball techniques
Top 5 Teams Pistons,Knicks,Rockets,Heat, Bulls
Group me info: [email protected]
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[email protected]
Playing basketball in a style to recreate that of real life play. In the manor of the nba. Including:running plays, making realist dribble moves for penetration: using actual post moves, apply proper defensive pressure in proper situations, not abusing glitches in the game, and by no means breaking rules intended to preserve Sim style play. Sim before win.
Lakers, nets, knicks, pacers, thunder
Follow the Template Please

PSN ID: Jimmy_Dean12
Groupme info: 937-422-5647
Age: 20
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: On ball defense, playing the game like you see it on tv, running plays, no excessive 3 pointers and such like that.
Top 5 Teams: Cavs, Pelicans, Suns, Timberwolves, Mavericks


Psn-Travis____12 (4 underscrolls)
Group me info- (504)-994-6566

I was looking for a league where u have to play realistic and like u see on tv so u would actually have to run plays and practice your plays u will also need to play on ball defense just like u see on tv


group me info:(616)633-2633
Age- 42
Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Playing just like what you would see in a real game on tv. Making coaching decisions as a real coach would. Playing on ball D, running plays, not taking advantage of any exploits in the game. I would rather lose playing SIM then play non sim and win.


PSN ID: xVince15x

Groupme info: [email protected]

Age: 25

Define Playing "Sim" Basketball: Play basketball the way you see it on TV. Run your team's offense by running plays, do not abuse turbo, mix your game with a variety of inside and outside offense and ultimately show sportsmanship.

Top 5 Teams: Nets, Mavs, Grizzlies, OKC, Spurs.