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Official Rule Book


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GroupMe is MANDATORY for communication with opponents
- Quitting or Conceding is against the rules. You will be booted from the league. No exceptions.
- Forcing a win while a player is PAUSED will result in PLAYER SUSPENSIONS and You will get an Automatic Loss
- Courtesy for others, We are all adults. When up by 6+ runs no stealing or hit and runs will be tolerated.
- Respect others, Self Explanatory.
- If an issue arises please DM your opponent and or a member of Admin. Please keep issues out of Main chat.

- You can make a deal with another player and if both teams accept and it works, the admins will have to approve it. When both teams agree and accept the trade notify me or an admin ASAP.
- Trades must be fair and even, if a trade is denied the admin team will notify both teams that it is so, and also why it was denied.
- Every team gets three trades they can make during regular season, and one trade can be made in off season.
-No directional hitting, must use zone
-No bunting on two strikes unless its with a pitcher

- Mix up your pitches, This means PITCH TYPES AND LOCATIONS don't throw dirt balls all game.
- Starters are allowed a Max of 17 Starts in Regular Season.
- You must use a full 5 man pitching rotation. You may use a short rotation in the playoffs, 3 Minimum.
- Use your Bullpen, NO abusing COMPLETE GAMES BY STARTERS.
- You are not allowed to hit a batter intentionally. Anyone found doing this will be punished.
- A SP used in the bullpen can only pitch more than 3 innings if starter is pulled prior to 5th or extra innings
- You may only have one SP in the bullpen and they have to be in the LRP spot

-It is against the rules to throw to 1st base from RF on a base hit to attempt to get an out. It's not fair for slow hitters to get thrown out after hitting a nice line drive.

- Players should only play the positions given to them in the game. They can play there primary positions or secondary positions but that is it. Unless an injury occurs and you have no player that plays that position on your bench. Only then is it acceptable to play a player in a position that isn't listed.

- Please allow enough time on 1st Pitch of the at-bat in case the player wants to make a substitution.
- You can't make a substitution once a pitch is thrown both Hitters or Pitchers. ONLY TIME IT'S ALLOWED IS IF INJURY OCCURS.

Gameplay Settings
- Hall of Fame Pitching and Hitting
- Strike Zone, Hot Zone, Guess Pitch, Quick Counts ALL OFF
- Balks ON
- 82 Games Open Schedule w/ advances
- Zone hitting only, no directional
-Streaming is mandatory from the home team.