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Team Management and Trade Rules



1. You may not have more than 8 Wide Receivers on your team

2. You may not have more than 8 Cornerbacks on your team

3. Do not put a WR or RB at the TE position (at depth chart prior to or during a game or for any individual play)

4. Do not cut a player for the purpose of re-signing that player to a 1-year deal (If you do that player will be a Free Agent in the offseason, failure to comply will result in booting.)

5. New teams may not trade until they play 5 games.

Trading Rules:
All Trade Require 5 approvals and must be posted on the TEAM pages section.
No FA signee (real life exempt) Can be traded until they have played on the team they signed to for one season.

Players must post their trades on the forum for easier cataloging.

Players will have the freedom to trade until they reach $8 million in cap penalty per season. This will raise to 10 Million after year 1.

After each trade, players need to post their cap penalty number on the forum.

No First round Rookies are tradeable until they've played for 3 years. Meaning, their EXP is 3 years.
Second rounders must be on the team for 2 years.
Third rounders must stay for a season.
4-7 rounders are able to be traded due to less guaranteed.

Players that are extremely old (Peyton Manning) cannot be traded for more than a 3rd round pick since that player will most likely retire within a season or two.

Players can freely trade up or down during a draft just let a commish know so they do not skip your pick.

One team can have a maximum of three 1st and 2nd round picks. (We dont ever see more than 4 a draft.)

Position Change

No Superstar can change a position!

QB: No player can be changed to a QB. *Unless there is a storyline player in a draft like Braxton Miller.* But, I doubt that.

RB: All WR and Corners (if you want, I wouldn't know why) under 6’2 and a minimum of 175 lbs.

FB: HB under 89 spd and weighs 230+ Defensive lineman. IE Seattle’s FB are allowed if under 80 spd and have 85+ str. Tight end is also allowed within the weight restriction of 230+ and less than 85 spd

TE: Nearly all tight ends are 250+ the lightest are around 6’3” and 230-235 lbs. FB all is good. So long they do not have more than 87 spd. Only a rookie WR can be changed they must be at least 6’4” and 235+ HB Is not ALLOWED (due to weight restriction)

WR: Tight Ends cannot become wideouts. Halfbacks can become WR as long as they do not have a trucking of over 80. CB knock yourself out.

OL: This is pretty much free game. Tight ends can become lineman like Jason peters for example. But that Tight end must exceed 280 pounds. Defensive Lineman can also make the transition.

OLB: Linebacker must be 230+ pounds a DE can make the transition without an issue if he is under 285 pounds. DT must not become a Lb. lol

DE: Must be over 6’0 and 240+

DT: Must be over 280+ pounds

MLB: Olb’s can make the transition.

CB: RB or WR can transition as long as they do not exceed 6’4 and 220. (But why would you do that?) FS/SS can change into CB so long as their TAK is less than 80 and HPW is less than 90.

FS/SS: Safeties can make the change with no restrictions. CB must have HPW over 65 and a TAK rating of 69+

Kicker: A punter can be a kicker!

Punter: A kicker can be a punter!
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