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MGSL Will Advance Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10pm est***

MGSL was created with one main purpose/goal in mind. To bring sim players together to a league where "cheese" and whining is either non-existent
to very minimal. All of the following rules are put in place to give everyone the best sim madden experience possible. If you are a madden player who looks for "gray areas" in sim rules then this league is not for you. Breaking rules will not be tolerated. This is a SIM LEAGUE and at all times you should be trying your best to play the game as close to real life as possible. We thank everyone for joining us in and hope you will bewith us for years to come.

1) NO QUITTING- EVER If your opponent is doingsomething you think is considering cheating, please do not complain in the main chat. DM or text an admin and make sure to finish your game. Most games are recorded now on the ps4 and if you are caught quitting you will be removed from the league immediately.
2) MIX UP PLAY CALLING: You should not be over-using any plays or formations. We have all played someone where we dealt with this and know how boring and stupid the game gets. If you have multiple accusations against you, we will ask for you to stream your games. If any plays or formations are being over-used you will be subject to dismissal from the league.
3) NO GLITCHING OR ABUSING THE AI: Madden is a video game. We all know every year there are certain glitches and different ways to confuse the game AI. If you are caught glitching you will be subject to removal from the league.
4) GAME STREAMING: Home team must stream the game via Twitch and post the link in the chat. Also, when playing the CPU you must stream all games and post link in the chat.
This isn't a huge deal, but in order to avoid confusionplease do not change your default uniforms at theselection screen. Too many times one team switches to dark or whites and both teams have similiar looking jerseys on the screen. If for whatever reason, you need to switch your jersey please tell your opponent pregame and if he agrees to it then that is fine. Other than that, home team keeps colored jerseys, away team keeps whites.

Position changes should be kept as realistic as possible. The following position changes are allowed:
- FullBack Can Be Changed to a RunningBack (Not a RB changed to FB)
- Oline can play anywhere on the Oline
- Dline Can Play anywhere on the Dline
- LBs can play any LB position, OLBs can play DE
- DBs are interchangeable (CBs can play S, S can play CB)

1) Switch up Play Calling- Run and Pass the ball. No excessive formations or the same play over and over. KEEP IT SIM
2) No Spamming Certain Players- We all know there are superstars for mostly every team. Yes they should have the majority of the touches but we do not need to see Calvin Johnson or Jimmy Graham with 15 catches every week. SPREAD THE BALL
3) 4th Down Rule - At all times we ask that you keep it as realistic as possible with this decision. With that being said, we realize it is Madden and sometimes with the faster gameplay you feel the need to go for it on 4th down. For this reason, you can go for it in the following situations:
- Down by any amount of points in the 4th quarter (if you feel you need to)
- Down by 2 touchdowns (14 pts) at any point in the 2nd half
-You may go for it on the opponents side of the field with in the 40 yardline and one score game on 4th and 1.
4) Motioning Players- When motioning a player, that player must come to a complete stop before snapping the ball. If the original play as the cpu motioning a player than that is fine.
5) No Huddle - No huddling on offense should be kept to a minimum and mainly used only to exploit a personal mismatch on the field (passing package but defense is in a running defense) No huddling your offense is allowed in the following situations as well:
-When Under 2 minutes left in the first half or at the end of the 4th quarter
-When down 14 points or more in the 4th quarter
6) HB/WR Screens-We limit each team to 5 total screens a game.
7) 2 Point Conversions- This is simple. Replicate when 2 point conversions are attempted in the NFL. The following are examples of these situations:
-When attempting to make it a 3 or 7 point game (when ahead)
-When you are losing in the 2nd half and trying to make get the deficit a lesser amount of scoring possessions
-When attempting to win the game as opposed to a tie (end of game with less than 2 minutes left)
8) Running Up The Score- Running up the score is not allowed and everyone should do their best to show respect and mercy to their opponent when up big. If you are up by 20 points in the 4th quarter you should not be throwing all over the field. Do your best to run clock and use the new "chew clock" feature If you are down big and still going for it on 4th and longs and giving your opponent great field position, please do not get upset when they score more. Chewing clock for the sake of not running up the score is a two owner responsibility.
9) Quick Flipping Plays Out of Huddle- When breaking the huddle, please do not flip your play quickly in an attempt to turbo to the line of scrimmage. This is unsim and does not leave the defense any time to make adjustments. Flipping a play can be done once you get to the line of scrimmage and get set.
10) No instant sprinting to the outside with your quarterback.
11) No throwing outside the numbers with your quarterback, we are not going to let the ai be abused. Result in this will be a punt the very next play.
12) No RB is supposed to be at fullback
13) Goal line is only ran inside the 10, no cheap sneaks outside the redzone
1) Mix Up Play Calling - You should not be running Man or Zone 75% of the time. Mix your defenses up to make for a more enjoyable playing experience for both parties.
2) Rushing The Passer- You should always have at least 3 defenders rushing the passer. Even in 3rd and long plays where it is max coverage you should be rushing 2 or 3 defenders.
3) Nano Blitzes are Forbidden. If you move a defender pre-snap, you must user that defender until the ball is snapped. We don't care about you moving 1 guy pre-snap as long as you stay on them.
4) Defensive adjustments using the menus are fine
5) Safeties must be atleast 3 yards behind safeties. Unless its a designed play as a safety blitz, cover 3 or cover 1.

1) No Glitch Punts (short and directional at all)
2) No moving blockers backwards pre-snap on punt returns
3)Kick arc off

-Every owner will receive 2 trade opportunities each year. They can be used at anytime (in season before trade deadline, and during the offseason before the draft).
-All Trades Must be Posted for approval in the "Trade Proposal" thread. The Trade committee will be made up of 5 admins with a majority 2/3 vote needed for approval
- After the draft each year, your trade amount will be reset to 2. (un-used traded from previous years do no carry over)

Free Agency and resigning
- No contracts should exceed 5 years and the bonus shouldn't be higher then 33 percent of the contract. This prevents unrealistic contracts in free agency. This does not apply to resignings.
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