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2K Dev Spotlight Series – What To Look For

2K Dev Spotlight Series

If you hadn’t heard, 2K has committed to a 2K Dev Spotlight series that started last week. The series will cover new features discussed on the 2K webpage as well as some behind the scenes work on WWE 2K18. While watching is pretty straightforward, here is a few things you’ll want to look out for to get the most from the spotlights.

2K Dev Spotlight Series

Be Like No One

The tag-line indicates huge changes coming to the player’s abilities to customize their game as they see fit. In addition to the new Create-A-Match, 2K revealed they’re adding new options to previous creation modes. While they haven’t divulged much, it will be interesting to see just how far those changes go. In the past, new modes were often lacking in depth due time constraints. Hopefully, this year breaks that cycle. You’ll want to pay attention to small hints on how the Creation Suite has been upgraded and if those upgrades have been fleshed out.


WWE 2K18 promises to introduce a whole new MyPLAYER experience. Like before, the details are quite vague on just what that means. However, we do know MyPLAYER will incorporate experiences across several game modes like MyCAREER. It also has been said to implement a new progression system.  The question is how will MyPLAYER affect the base experience of modes like the Creation Suite and Play Now. From the description on the site, it seems the new experience will heavily influence advancement of created superstars.

Fighting Styles

This is something I’ve personally been very excited about. With this mechanic being introduced, there is a huge opportunity to add unparalleled realism to the game. However, I can’t help but think this could simply be a re-hash of the fighting styles from Smackdown vs Raw 2008. Those fighting styles were nothing more than a way to distribute a few perks and attributes. Nonetheless, 2K claims to have revamped the series in a better direction. For now I will give it the benefit of the doubt but as you all follow the Dev Spotlights, watch out for just how deeply fighting styles affect gameplay.

Universe Mode

This is a big one. All fans should be on the look out for any news regarding this year’s Universe Mode. Just about everyone loved the GM Mode from games’ past. Universe Mode may be the closest we get but this year, that may not be a bad thing. Universe Mode has always had the potential to do and be much more. This year is said to include substantial upgrades. If these upgrades pay off, this could be the different maker in the longevity of WWE 2K18.

General Gameplay

The changes coming this year to gameplay seem comparable to the overhaul of WWE ’12. WWE 2K18 looks to be a landmark title and gameplay looks to be a huge part of it. No doubt you’ll want to pay close attention in the upcoming videos for gameplay changes and enhancements. This includes things like control schemes and the new carry mechanic said to help players essentially set up spots. If executed properly, this will definitely help players how like to play immersively. Overall it will certainly bring a fresh change to match flow.

Visual Enhancements

This goes without saying but I will mention it anyway. Be on alert for visual upgrades. WWE 2K18 promises to bring better visual presentation and superstar models. The question here is the attention to detail. Will Kevin Owens finally have kickpads? Will new possibilities come into effect like taking your straps down mid match? Simple, but everything counts. WWE 2K17 was not bad visually so mainly keep an out for frames per second and if the game runs in true 1080p or 4K.

There’s a host of things you’ll want to keep your eye on for sure. These are a just a few to get you on track with what’s coming in WWE 2K18. You can expect to see the roster reveal around Summerslam time. Be sure to stay tuned here on Sports Gamers Online because you can bet I’ll be keeping you guys up to date.

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