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2K Dev Spotlight Series – What We Know So Far

2K Dev Spotlight

With two 2K Dev Spotlight episodes already released, we still don’t know very much about WWE 2K18. Regardless, the episodes did share a little bit of worthwhile information.

2K Dev Spotlight & What We Know

Episode 1 – Watch in Full

There is not a whole lot to take away from the first episode. In a short two minute video, 2K simply reiterates what the series will entail moving forward. You can be find this info on the 2K website but video format isn’t bad either. On the bright side, 2K did hint that the spotlights would in fact have a few hidden nuggets. While the episode lacked in concrete information, it did give an incentive to stay tuned.

Episode 2 – Watch in Full

There was a little bit more to sink our teeth into in the second video. 2K dove into the mo-cap process but, like I mentioned in my previous article, there were a few hidden things in this episode worth noting. First, we learned a little about how motion capture is treated in the WWE 2K franchise. Here, if you pay attention, you can see the actors mo-capping Braun Strowman’s moveset and finisher. Pretty cool to know the “monster among men” is getting handled well this year. Furthermore, you can see as 2K explains the clean up process that Seth Rollins’s current entrance will be in the game. Which is good since he is the cover star after all. That wraps up episode two.

Again, not a whole lot of information but there’s promise of more to come. You’ll want to keep your ear close to the ground this week as we get to episode three. Also, via Instagram, WWE 2K has revealed that this Thursday they will release the information on the WWE 2K18 Collector’s Edition.

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