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5 Best New Features in MLB The Show 17

mlb the show 17 5 best new features

We are now almost two weeks away from the release of MLB The Show 17, and the hype is almost at its peak, and of course there are many cool new features in the upcoming game.

Here are 5 of the best new features that will be in MLB The Show 17:

Diamond Dynasty Improvements

Diamond Dynasty has quickly become one of The Show’s best gamemodes. The card collecting mode has changed so much over the last two years, and it looks like it’s going to keep getting better.

It’s been confirmed that there will be over 700 new flashback players in The Show 17, along with countless new missions and the new Events mode. This will be the most packed Diamond Dynasty experience to date, and hopefully it will keep getting better from here on out.

Road To The Show Story

One of the most interesting new features is the “story” in Road To The Show. As we have seen from some scenes in the trailers, there are cutscenes in RTTS that involve your player talking to the coaches. Now this is being referred to as “Pave Your Path” by the developers, and we don’t know all that much about it yet, but this is a step in the right direction for The Show, when it comes to making a personalized career mode.

Retro Mode

Retro Mode is a completely new game mode coming to MLB The Show 17, and it is a tribute to the old, arcade style baseball games. With Ken Griffey Jr being the cover athlete, it makes sense for something like this in the game, as a homage to him. The actual mode itself is fairly simplistic, and looks to play very similarly to RBI Baseball, the multi-console game series produced by MLB Advanced Media.

New Announcers/Better Graphics

After years of fans asking for new announcers, San Diego Studios has finally answered, with Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac joining the booth for MLB The Show 17. Along with these two, the in-game presentation has been upgraded to feature MLB Network style graphics.

Also in the realm of graphics, the player models have been improved plenty, as the faces of players now look more like their real life counterparts than ever before.

Franchise Improvements/Sponsorships

Franchise mode also has some changes coming this year. The first one is that you can now choose to only play the critical moments of a game, ensuring you the most action possible. Player-Lock was also improved, as now you can choose a player to control for a whole season, similar to Road To The Show, and take over their career. Another new feature is the Quick Manage mode, which a text based simulation where you control your team from a manager’s point of view. The last new franchise feature is Quirks, which are traits, based on stats, that affect your players by giving them a bonus.

Finally one last new feature are the new sponsorships. They still work the same way as in previous years, but more fan favorite brands have been added to the game, such as Lizard Skin, New Balance, Trinity Bat, and many more.

MLB The Show 17 comes out on March 28th for the Playstation 4. Be sure to stick to Sports Gamers Online for full coverage on the latest installment from San Diego Studios.  

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