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Top 5 Things To Do First In MLB The Show 17

MLB The Show 17

Ahh, spring is in the air, and that means it’s time for MLB The Show.

The annual baseball offering from Sony San Diego is here, and it’s primed to become one of the best baseball video games ever released.

And while there’s plenty – and we mean plenty – of things to do in MLB The Show this year, there are some things that players have to do before others.

So here are the five things you need to do when you play MLB The Show 17 for the first time.

Set your Settings

This may be a “Well, duh!” step, but, for many, it’s pretty a crucial step before getting into an actual game.

Every player likes to play the game a certain way, and getting your pitching, fielding and hitting settings, along with various sliders, in order before you take the field can save a lot of wasted time later on.

Play Retro Mode

One of the newest features to MLB The Show 17 is a brand new mode inspired by its cover star Ken Griffey Jr. Retro mode keeps the high quality player models while making the game as easy to play as possible.

Whether your 55 or five, Retro Mode is easy enough that anyone can have success without really ever playing a baseball game before. The graphic overlays, sound effects when hitting and the random commentary from Griffey Jr. himself all give that nostalgic feel that people seem to gravitate to.

It’s a great time killer, and a mode that is sure to provide plenty of fun for players under the same roof.

Try the Weekly Challenge

The weekly challenge is one of the more underrated modes in MLB The Show. Players take part in a batter vs. pitcher duel with the chance to climb the leaderboards, and win some pretty awesome prizes.

And though the potential for prizes are nice, a big benefit of the mode is working on timing when at the plate. It’s a great way to consistently practice your swing without playing through games.

Check out Quick Manage

One new big feature that fans of text-based sims will enjoy is the new Quick Manage feature for games.

Quick Manage allows players to make all the decisions necessary to get through a game without needing to actual make the throws or take the swings on the field. You can choose to pitch around certain batters, or try and pull off a clutch hit and run to try and produce some offense. It’s all up to you.

Not everyone is sure to enjoy it, but it’s definitely a new way to play that’s worth checking out.

Create a Player for Road to the Show

If you’re anything like me, creating an avatar of yourself in a video game is one of the most rewarding yet time consuming parts of the whole new game experience.

The customization suite in MLB The Show 17 has seen a number of improvements, and it’s definitely going to take a while for anyone to perfect the look they want for their custom player. Now you’ll be able to utilize 22 new facial hair styles, 35 new hair styles, and 49 new head shape archetypes.

That’s right, even more options to consider when building the perfect ball player.

By jumping into the creation suite sooner, you’ll be able to get on the field in Road to the Show even quicker which can only be viewed as a positive.

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