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A Look Back This Year’s OrlandoiX 2018


OrlandoiX 2018 came to a close just last weekend on Saturday, August 18. If you don’t know, OrlandoiX is a collaborative expo event featuring partners and exhibitors from leading gaming and tech industries. Open to consumers and professionals, the expo floor offers plenty of opportunities to connect and collaborate with individuals across industries.

A Closer Look At OrlandoiX 2018

This year’s event started off with something quite special. Before the Kickoff event Friday night, it was announced OrlandoiX had won a $10,000 matching grant from the City of Orlando’s Technology Community Support Pilot Program. In short, the program sees the city matching fund support for Orlando technology-focused events and programs. OrlandoiX satisfied several factors to be awarded the grant. You can check out the details here.

Afterwards, the Kickoff event started that Friday night. During the iX Meetup, individuals from virtual reality, augmented reality, video gaming and digital arts gather to connect and mingle. During the meetup, there was plenty to do. CyberDream demoed their VR combat experienced called Virtual Battleground. Additionally, participants could enjoy other VR demos, arcade games, Nintendo giveaways, and of course, networking.

There was also a panel of speakers. you can check out the list of speakers for the night below:

  • Kunal Patel, Co-Founder, BrandVR
  • Nick Pettit, Founder, Zoxide Games
  • Sean Pinnock, CEO, CyberDream
  • Rob Coble, Career Management Advisor,
  • Diane Court, COO, Orlando Tech Association (Panel Moderator)

The rest of the night concluded with gaming tournaments featuring Street Fighter and FIFA.

Looking into Day 2

Like most conventions and expos, OrlandoiX is a multi-day event. Day two of OrlandoiX featured the very best on the show floor. Over 50 industry content creators showcased a series of immersive experiences and demos in digital entertainment. That includes VR, augmented reality as well as standard video games. The expo floor featured a range exhibitors like MSI Gaming, SimBlocks, and Orlando Tech Association. You can view the full list on their webpage.

The event filled up Full Sail Live’s main floor. Powder Keg Games and High Point Gamer put on intense tournament style competitions. The competitions included games like Street Fighter III, FIFA 17, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mario Kart, Pokken, as well as Super Smash Bros. Additionally, day two featured it’s own set of industry speakers. Each held inspirational sessions on a wide variety of information industry topics.

Be sure to check out their official page to keep up with the latest info on when they’ll be back with OrlandoiX 2019.

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