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AEW Games Announces THREE New Titles

AEW Games

The long-awaited AEW video game announcement has come, and we have a few details coming out of AEW’s special games event from Tuesday evening. As expected, AEW revealed a new console game. However, they also announced two additional titles and more. Check out the details below.

AEW Games Press Event

In AEW fashion, the company added a layer of comedy to event. AEW EVP, Kenny Omega, dressed as Steve jobs and positioned he and AEW as the ‘Apple’ of wrestling.

The press event opens recapping the biggest milestones of All Elite Wrestling thus far. During which we finally arrived at the first game announcement. As many suspected, AEW partnered with former and long-time WWE Games developer, Yuke’s. Yuke’s developed several of the most popular WWE games to date. Immediately, Kenny Omega called out popular titles like WWF: No Mercy, and promises the AEW Games division aims to recreate that passion.

In addition, Kenny Omega released the official trailer reveal. While the trailer is an early look and does not officially represent the final look of the game, there are several things to note. First, models within the trailer appear caricatured in comparison to the more realistic models of WWE 2K. That said, given the game’s direction, this appears to be on purpose as the game looks to blend arcade elements of older wrestling games with the nuanced realism of popular WWE simulation titles. In that regard, the models make a fantastic cross of elements with attention detail in attire and wrestlers’ likeness.

Secondly, the game reveals there are no restrictions on coed wrestling matches. You can see this reveal when current AEW Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida, performs her signature moves on Kenny Omega. At the end of the broadcast, Kenny Omega shared one final bit of news regarding the main console game. The director of highly-praised classic, WWF: No Mercy, Hideyuki “Geta” Iwashita, has joined the AEW Games team.

Mobile games and beyond

AEW’s conference continued with announcing two additional titles. These included a mobile general manager mode game as well as a casino mobile game.

In AEW Elite General Manager, players will sign their own rosters and book their own matches. The game features in ring action as well. In addition, managers will need to manage locker room morale, cash flows, and fans reactions.

Lastly, the company announced AEW Casino: Double or Nothing. While details were limited to a brief trailer, the game appears to feature several common casino games. More details will likely release very soon as the game launches this winter. For more information, you can subscribe to the AEW Games on YouTube. As always, stay tuned here as we provide coverage.

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