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AEW Video Game Name Revealed?

It’s been quite a while since fans have received an update on the AEW video game in development, but there is hope that changes soon.

One of those updates could involve the official announcement of the name of the game. And a filing on March 24 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggests just that.

The wrestling promotion has filed an application for the trademark of AEW: Fight Forever. The trademark, according to the filing, is to cover the following categories:

Downloadable game software; Downloadable computer game software; Downloadable electronic game software; Downloadable interactive game software; Video game discs; Downloadable video game programs; Downloadable video game software; Recorded video game programs; Recorded video game software.

Because of the recent filing date, the application is still awaiting official examination and approval. When that information is finalized, an announcement of the game’s title could be coming shortly after.

Being developed by long-time development studio Yuke’s, the AEW video game doesn’t have a release date set nor have the platforms been announced. That information should be expected some time this year, with many believing it will come around one of the company’s pay-per-view events.

Recently, it was reported by Fightful Select that the game’s story mode has received input from various wrestlers within the company. The report also states that work on finding a publish is still ongoing, and that Kenny Omega and the team is “determined for it to be a success and understands how integral a great showing could be.”

What do you think of the possible name for the AEW video game? Let us know in the comment section below, and take the discussion further in the official SGO Discord Server.

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Doug Stevenson
Doug Stevenson
2 months ago

The trademark deosn’t even need to wait for examination or approval. One look at all of the trademarks they’ve filed for shows a ton of them that are awaiting or under examination (including the name “AEW Games” itself, Elite GM, several PPV names, etc.) and are being used regularly by the company. I don’t think we’re going to have to wait a year or so for an announcement of the game’s title, or even the release. If they’re trademarking the game’s name now, and have deadlines for the music and voice overs, they’re very far along.