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Are The XFL and 2K Sports Made For Each Other?

XFL 2K Football

This past week, we learned that the XFL, Extreme Football League, will be attempting a comeback in 2020. The XFL was started in 2001 by the WWE’s Vince McMahon. The league failed after only one season. With 2K Sports not currently releasing an annual football title, are the XFL and 2K Sports destined to release an XFL video game franchise?

XFL 2K20

As most of you know, the 2K NFL games were big competition for the Madden franchise. Unfortunately, 2K stopped releasing new titles several years ago as a result of licensing issues with the NFL. The NFL granted the EA Sports Madden franchise exclusive rights to make the games.

Regardless of the NFL licences, many fans in the gaming community would love more options inthe football genre. Whether its a remake of the NCAA football games without official licensing or another league separate from the NFL or NCAA altogether, like the XFL, many fans would appreciate more variety.

A new league such as the XFL would be a prime candidate. Given 2K has the rights to another Vince McMahon owned sports entertainment company, the WWE. It would seem fitting for  McMahon to grant all licensing rights to an XFL game to 2K Sports.

What would an XFL game look like? For those of you who remember the tragedy that was the XFL, you’ll remember how there were much less “rules” involved with that particular brand of football. In an effort to produce a more violent style of the game, similar to that of the WWE, the new football league was geared towards less referee involvement, fewer penalties and bigger hits. In theory, it would help the new football league draw bigger audiences and gain new fans.

XFL 2K footballThe newest version of the league is set to launch in February or March of 2020 and the XFL season will take place during the NFL’s off-season. Smart move on the part of McMahon and crew. The season will reportedly consist of 10 weeks with approximately 8-10 teams making up the league.

A new football franchise could me new options and features on the horizon. The teams, for one, would be a clear difference. Other differences could include the ability to create more custom items including players, uniforms, teams, stadiums, player entrances, and more. Who knows, an XFL game might even feature legendary names from the inaugural league such as “He Hate Me,” who was arguably the league’s most popular player, even to this day.

What features would you like to see in a new XFL 2K game that aren’t present in the only football game on the market today? Let us know in the comments below.

Be sure to stay tuned to SGO for all the latest news and developments regarding an XFL or 2K football title.

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