Austin Riley Named July Lightning Player of the Month in MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22

MLB fans have had no shortage of excitement over the last couple of weeks. Following an exciting All-Star break, fans were treated to one of the most thrilling trade deadlines we have seen in years. Superstars like Juan Soto, Noah Syndergard, Trey Mancini, Andrew Benintendi and others were all dealt to new teams. To match this excitement, MLB The Show 22 released another update containing all sorts of new content. The rosters have been updated to reflect all the recent transactions, free packs are being given out to celebrate a national holiday, and The Shark Map has returned which might as well be a national holiday. Oh, and there was also a new lightning card.

MLB The Show 22 July Monthly Awards Program

Another month has come and gone, which means another new Monthly Awards Program is complete. This month, the Lightning Player of the Month goes to Atlanta Braves 3B Austin Riley. Riley absolutely dominated t his month, leading MLB in XBH (26) and WAR (2.6). Riley also racked up 11 HRs and 25 RBIs on a .423 batting average.

However, it might take players a little longer to unlock Riley compared to previous Lightning players. In order to earn Riley, players need to earn 185 program points in the July Monthly Awards Program. This is a slight increase from the 175 program points needed in the other Monthly Awards Programs from this year. There is one change to the missions though. Players now only need to get 2,000 PXP with Monthly Awards Pitchers in Stage 2 of the program instead of 2,500. This mission still rewards the same 15 program points.

As always, along with the Lightning player, nine henchmen Monthly Awards cards have also been added to the program. The first bunch are the six 95 OVR players:

The other three henchmen come in at a 97 OVR:

The final cards added to this program today were the last of the July Topps Now cards. These three 93 OVR cards are:

Collecting these three, as well as the other Topps Now cards for July, will reward a 95 OVR Topps Now Mets RF Starling Marte.

International Trading Card Day Bundle

August 6 is International Trading Card Day. To celebrate this, MLB The Show 22 has added a free bundle to The Show Shop. This bundle includes 10 The Show Packs, a new bat-skin, and seven cards representing some of the most famous Topps baseball cards:

A special collection has been added to the All-Stars of the Franchise program for these seven cards. Collecting all seven will earn you 10,000 XP in the program.

The Shark Map

The Shark Map has made its return to MLB The Show 22. This map is a yearly tradition where a conquest map is absolutely loaded with hidden packs and rewards. The missions alone for the map reward a Ballin’ out of Control pack, and Takashi Legends Choice pack, and a 95 OVR 2nd Half Duke Snider.

MLB The Show 22 Headliner Pack

The 35th Headliner Set is now available in The Show Shop. The new Headliner is Awards Series 98 OVR Justin Morneau. This card is based on Morneau’s 2006 MVP season, where he hit 34 HRs with 130 RBIs.

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