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Axis Football 17 Beta Update Released

Axis Football 17

The team at Axis Games has released version 2.0 of its beta for the upcoming Axis Football 17.

The update addresses a number of bugs while also unlocking some new features for those with access.

Some of the bug fixes include:

  • Commentary no longer confuses offense for defense during the game
  • Random crashes
  • The game not registering when a kick lands out of bounds

Danny Jugen of Axis Games did confirm in the video above that the team is away of the pass catching issue within the game, but is still working on a fix for the problem. Quick fixes have been added to alleviate the dropped pass issue a bit, but it isn’t a permanent solution for the game.

When it comes to the game’s user interface, beta update 2.0 aims to make the game more user friendly.

An on-field down and distance marker was added to add to the presentation quality. For in-game play, a status circle was added to players to show users a player’s fatigue level and the available speed burst.

Currently, speed burst only functions for players on the offensive side of the ball. Defensive functionality will come in a later update.

For those that use aimed passing, the basic white circle has been replaced by a more visible, better looking yellow 3D circle. Kicking also sees an update with the addition of a blue arrow to allow adjusting of your kick angle.

And if you’re one of the many waiting for an Instant Replay option, that will be coming in a future update as well.

Other modes have also been unlocked — coach mode and AI vs. AI have been unlocked in Exhibition.

Axis Football 17 launches in August on PC (Steam).

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