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Axis Football 17 Gameplay Revealed

Axis Football 17

Axis Games has released a brand new developer diary video for the upcoming Axis Football 17.

The video gives fans a first look at some of the improved gameplay that includes the brand new player model making its debut in this year’s title.  The above video gives fans a brief look at action between two of the custom teams available in the game, the Buffalo Indians and Pittsburgh Ironhawks.

Gameplay starts around the 8:10 mark of the video, and it gives a look at some of the different features available on the field in Axis Football 17. These features include new animations, hot routes, and substitutions, among other improvements.

Axis Football 17 launches this summer on PC (Steam). Those who have pre-ordered the game will gain access to the official beta in the coming days.

And be sure to keep an eye out as Sports Gamers Online will be bringing you a hands-on preview of the title in the coming weeks. For more on Axis Football, check out a full preview of the game and the developers’ goal to becoming a true alternative to the Madden NFL franchise.

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