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Axis Football 20 Adding New Features to Franchise Mode

After Madden 21 announced updates to their classic franchise mode, Axis Football 20 announced some new features that will be added to their franchise mode. In the video released Wednesday night, the mode will include new player contract options and viewing career stats. Axis Football 20 has also updated depth charts for gamers to view.

Player Contracts

New player contracts will include multiple options for players to choose from. They can have the option to automatically sign all the players that need new contracts or release all the players. Gamers also have the option to individually sign the players to a specific contract.

When gamers individually work a contract, they can filter out the amount of money they want to offer and for how many years. Gamers can also check out the player’s overall to determine how much they are worth. After that, they can either offer the contract to the player or release them. Gamers have the ability to also check out the new career stats tab.

Career Player Stats

The new player stats feature will show gamers the year and stats of the individual player. This is available to be able to view their production over the years and could be used as a tactic for contract situations. Gamers can make the decision on whether it is worth offering them a big contract or letting them go depending on their stats.

When viewing the stats, gamers have the ability to filter out by different stats whether that be rushing or receiving. Gamers can sort the different categories that shows what year they hit a career-high in a specific stat category. Stats for players retiring on your team can also be view in the dashboard of franchise mode.

Depth Chart Updates

Axis Football 20 will get a new update to their depth chart and how positions are viewed. Gamers can now see more specific positions to a player. Instead of a player only being shown as an offensive lineman, gamers will be able to see if they are a right tackle or left guard.

Depth charts will also be able to reflect on what scheme the team’s defense is running. If a team is running a 3-4 defense, the depth chart will have three defensive linemen and four linebackers. All positions will automatically adjust to the formation used for the defense.



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