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Create-A-Stadium Coming To MLB The Show 19?

MLB The Show 19

Reddit user /r/Mook520 posted an image in a Reddit thread that showed some new customizations coming to MLB: The Show 19.

Every Monday, Gamestop runs videos on their Instagram showing parts of MLB The Show 19 Gone Yard’s edition. It seems that this video has confirmed a few things.

The image shows four different types of customization spots that have three slots. In this picture, we see diamond bat skins, gold stadium sounds, gold equipment and silver equipment.

It is currently unknown if these slots are permanent or if something like bat skins will have gold and silver variants. My guess is they will but without confirmation, this is all conjecture.

What really caught my eye with this image is the “Stadium Sounds” slots. I may be jumping the gun here, but it seems that San Diego Studios could announce custom stadiums being in their game this year.

Why is this iteration of stadium sounds a big deal? Previously, Stadium Sounds were in the game where you could upload mp3s for walk-up music, etc. With a gold backdrop much like the equipment in the lower left, it is possible that stadium sounds will be able to come from packs.

This could also give stadium sounds the copper, silver, gold and diamond variants that other items and players in card packs have.

With a larger focus on Diamond Dynasty, it makes sense that MLB The Show 19 would introduce more customization options and continue to evolve the mode that can make the company more money.

The prestige gear up pack seems to be exclusive to the “Gone Yard” edition that you can only get through Gamestop.

You can view the entire video here thank to Mook520. In the video, San Diego Studios Community Manager Ramone Russell notes “use four different items to help enhance and add style to your Diamond Dynasty team and Road To The Show player”

If Create-A-Stadium does come to MLB The Show 19, it should make more than a handful of fans happy. From what I can recall, MVP Baseball 2005 had the last true Create-A-Stadium and fans have been clamoring for a clone since EA discontinued the franchse.

What do you think? Am I being crazy or do you think Create A Stadium is coming to MLB The Show 19? Join our forums and lets chat about it!

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