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EA Sports Returns to Baseball With Acquisition of Super Mega Baseball 3 Developer

EA Sports is back in the baseball business. On Wednesday, the company announced that it acquired Metalhead Software, developer of the acclaimed Super Mega Baseball franchise.

According to Electronic Arts press release, EA Sports is teaming up with the Canada-based video game studio to grow the series. It also plans to “develop new gaming and sports experiences.” The company says that it’s “deeply excited to create more unique and interactive experiences that blur the lines between sports and entertainment.”

Super Mega Baseball 3

The highly successful Super Mega Baseball 3 released in March 2020. It was an instant hit (no pun intended) with its playful mix of depth and arcade-style pick-up-and-play accessibility. Utilizing EA’s infrastructure should assist in getting the game into more player’s hands.

It’s been a year of acquisitions and expansion for EA Sports. The famed publisher is returning to the college football gridiron and golf. Not to mention, the F1 franchise which came with Electronic Arts’ purchase of Codemasters.

Does this mean the return of EA Sports MVP Baseball?

Of course, everyone has the same question on their minds. Will EA utilize it’s capital to gain MLB licensing and bring back MVP Baseball? The series died back in 2005 after an exclusive licensing deal was reached between the MLB and Take-Two Interactive. For those who don’t know, MVP Baseball 2005 is widely regarded as the best baseball video game ever. Many would argue the best sports game ever.

According to statements from Cam Weber, EA Sports EVP and GM, the company wants to preserve Super Mega Baseball’s arcade-style approach. However, he does leave the door cracked with his talks of expansion. Weber says EA also wants “to be in more sports” and “to appeal to more types of sports fans.”

If Electronic Arts is building it’s future by using its past as the blueprint, we could be in for a more hopeful next decade of sports gaming.

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