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MLB Dream Bracket 2 Features Over 60 All-Time Single-Season Teams

MLB announced that the MLB Dream Bracket will return for the second time, as over 60 of the greatest single-season teams in MLB history will face each other in one massive tournament.

MLB Dream Bracket 2

The first MLB Dream Bracket featured all-time teams for all 30 MLB teams, plus two additional squads (Negro League All-Time Team and U25 Team). In the first Dream Bracket, which was played using the simulation engine of OOTP 21, the New York Yankees defeated the Cincinnati Reds (4-3) in the finals to win the first-ever MLB Dream Bracket.

Today, MLB, in conjunction with Out of the Park Baseball 21, announced that the Dream Bracket will return this month. MLB Dream Bracket 2 will feature 64 of the greatest single-season teams in a tournament to decide which team is the greatest squad of all time.

The tournament will feature 34 World Series championship teams, 18 teams that won at least 100 games, 23 MVP seasons, 14 Cy Young winners, 17 Manager of the Year winners, and 92 players who are in the Hall of Fame.

Here’s a look at the bracket:

The bracket was designed so that multiple teams from the same franchise would not be in the same region. Seeding was assigned based on a variety of factors, including whether a team won the World Series, a squad’s winning percentage, and run differential.

All games will be simulated using OOTP 21. The MLB Dream Bracket 2 will start with a best-of-seven first round on May 21.    


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