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MLB Dream Bracket Pits Legends Against Each Other in OOTP Baseball 21

Major League Baseball, in conjunction with DraftKings and Out of the Park Baseball 21, announced today the launch of the MLB Dream Bracket. The event will feature 32 all-time teams in order to find out which squad of legends would come out on top.

MLB Dream Bracket

The MLB Dream Bracket will see the greatest baseball players of all-time go up against one another in a 32-team tournament. The tournament will feature legendary rosters for all 30 teams, plus two additional teams. An current 25-and-under team, as well as an all-time Negro League team will also compete in the simulation.

The 32 teams have been split into two sides, one featuring all AL teams and the Negro League squad, and the other one consisting of all NL teams and the 25-and-under team. Here’s a look at the matchups in the tournament.


Each team will consist of 26 players (15 hitters, 11 pitchers) and the rosters are loaded to say the least. You can check out the full rosters at this link. Ratings for players were determined by the three best statistical seasons for each individual person.

The event will start on April 20 with a best-of-seven Round of 32. Here’s a look as to how the schedule will shake out:

Week of April 20: Rounds of 32 and 16

Week of April 27: Quarterfinals and semifinals

May 4 and 5: Finals

You can find the full schedule here.

All games for the MLB Dream Bracket will be simulated on OOTP Baseball 21. Simulations for the event will be held on the Out of the Park Baseball Twitch account. In conjunction with MLB, DraftKings is getting in on the action by offering free daily pools for the event.



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