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MLB The Show 16 Tips: Battle Royale

mlb the show 16 tips battle royale

Battle Royale is a new addition to the MLB The Show 16’s Diamond Dynasty.  Users can enter a double elimination tourney, draft a 25 man roster, and earn unique rewards.  In this tutorial I will give you some very good Battle Royale Draft Tips and discuss some potential rewards!

Bullpen is the most important thing in Battle Royale and I cannot stress this enough.  The way SDS implemented a 5 man rotation plus the fatigue system it essentially makes starting pitches irrelevant.  SDS turned the sliders down for SP fatigue and they can only throw 15-25 pitches, pending on pitch confidence.  Bullpen guys can still throw up to 10-15 pitches, but the stamina does not carry over from game to game, unlike Diamond Dynasty Head to Head ranked games. Therefore, I recommend at least one stud reliever, whether you make it your gold or diamond player.  When I went 20-0 I used Joe Nathan as my diamond.  You also want to make sure you have, at least, two lefties in the pen but three is recommended.

Draft all bronzes and commons for your SP.  As I mentioned before, these guys are useless.  Once the game begins, warm up your relievers immediately and do a mound visit.  If you are the home team, you may want to wait until the 3rd batter to bring in your pen.  Otherwise they will not be fully warmed up and this affects their fatigue rate drastically.  If you are the away team then you can bring in your bullpen for the 2nd batter.

Draft a good combination of left, right, and switch hitters.  You don’t want to stack your team with all lefties or vice versa.  Mix up your lineup where you have a lefty, righty, lefty, righty, etc.  This makes it more difficult for your opponent to utilize their bullpen and play the matchups.  I also recommend leading off your best hitting and putting your next better hitter in the 2 hole.  I also won games where I would bat Reggie Stocker and Steve Finley back to back.

Make sure you have some good platoon guys on the bench, as well as one speed guy.  Draft some bronzes that hit lefties or righties particulary well so you can use them as pinch hitters.  It also helps to have one speed guy that can be used as a pinch runner late in games.

Small ball prevails in 3 inning games!  Utilize bunts, advance runners, use pinch runners when necessary, utilize hit and runs, etc.  The goal is to get that first run across in this game mode to put the most pressure on your opponent.

Be patient at the plate.  Even though this is only 3 inning games, patience is still increcibily important.  If you can see 13-15 pitches an inning then you will force your opponent to go through relievers very fast and if the games goes 6-7 innings then their pen will be short handed pretty fast.

You get rewarded for your 2nd, 6th , 12th, and 20th wins. You also are always guaranteed one pack on each entry.  If you go 20-0 then you get an extra reward as well.  Your 2nd win will generally be a bronze.  The 6th win is usually a silver.  The 12th win can be a silver or gold, but usually a silver.  20th wins will get you, at least, a gold card and they are generally flashbacks or legends.   So far I have obtained Rookie Puig, Prime Votto, and 99 Rangers Alex Rodriguez.  I also know of Nolan Ryan, Brooks Robinson, Prime CC Sabathia, 98 Joe Nathan and many more being potential rewards!

We hope this helped and if you guys have any questions you can follow Cardinalbird5 on twitter or watch his livestream here.

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