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MLB The Show 16 Top 10 WORST Rated Players!

MLB The Show 16 worst rated

Ratings are something that are always highly questionable, and often people never can agree on how good a certain player should be in a video game. These are the Top 10 players in this game, that in my opinion, I have found that are rated too high, or rated too low.

10. Hanley Ramirez 82

Han-Ram seems to have broke-out once more after a very poor opening season with Boston, and also seems to be PRETTY healthy. Hanley reached the 30 HR club for the first time since 2008. That power as well hitting a clean .286, I think should net AT LEAST an 85 OVR Gold, not still stuck at the silver tier.

9. Carlos Beltran 80

Beltran swung the stick very well last season, especially for being 39 years old. Netting himself a .295 batting average that finished 5th among all outfielders in the American League. Put that with 29 HRS, I think that spells out a lot more than an 80 OVR

8. Jose Ramirez 78

Jose Ramirez had a breakout year, helping the Indians on their way to win the American League Pennant. Jose finished the campaign with a nice .312 batting average, 7th total in the AL. Only striking out 62 times in 550+ AB’s, and 22 bags swiped, a 78 OVR for this man disrespectful

7. Jean Segura 87

Segura’s first year in the Desert, and only year after being traded to Seattle this offseason, was a success to say the least. Jean stroked a very nice .319 batting average, which was 5th amongst all National League qualifiers, as well as blasting 20 HR’s securing the 4th most of all 2B’s. 87 is good, but I think he deserves a bit more considering his 33 stolen bases, and a good .985 Fielding Percentage

6. Buster Posey 94

Buster made it to his 4th All-Star Game in 2016, but he didn’t have that great of year, at least for an All-Star’s standpoint. Buster would only belt 14 HR’s, a career low, a .288 BA which is just .004 higher than his 2011 low. Even though Buster is definitely near the top, or at the top of catchers right now, I just don’t see how he is a 94 Diamond, which is 8 OVR’s higher than who I think is the best or 2nd best catcher in Jonathan Lucroy

5. Tanner Roark 83

Tanner came back to his 2014, and even improved after a shortened season in 2015. Tanner finished at 16-10 and helping deliver the Nationals another NL East Title. His ERA ranked 6th in the NL, at .283. Mix that in with a nice .228 opponent BA, there is no reason why Tanner should still be at the silver tier.

4. Dallas Keuchel 87

Keuchel’s CY Young Campaign in 2015, DID NOT transfer over to the 2016 season. He finished at 9-12, and his much lowered production was a big reason in why Houston was not able to catch Texas or the Wildcard and miss the playoffs. His ERA finished 8th worst among all American League qualifiers, at 4.55. His WHIP went up nearly .40 points from 2015. After that horrid season from a former Cy-Young winner, there is no reason why he should be a Gold tier starter on this game

3. Max Scherzer 94

Scherzer’s dominant year in 2016, got him his second Cy-Young award in 4 years. He made it into the 20 win club, only losing 7 games the whole year. Max led all of Major League Baseball in strikeouts with 286, setting a career high for himself. A 94 OVR is definitely nothing to sneeze at, but with his history and another dominant year, he shouldn’t be a whole 5 points off of Kershaw

2. Troy Tulowitzki 88

Tulo’s first full season in Toronto, I’m sure is not what they expected when they traded for him the year prior. His .254 batting average was a career low for Tulowitski, as well as a career low in on base percentage at .318. His productivity lacked in almost all categories, which amazes me he continues to be near the top dogs at shortstop according to his 88 OVR.

1. Zack Greinke 91

Greinke turned out to be one of the biggest free agency disappointments looking back at this last season. He only started 26 games due to an injury that kept him off the field for a month. Although he had a positive 13-7 record, he did not pitch well this year. His ERA finished at a high 4.37, and his opponent batting average was a bad .262. This last year was Zack’s worst since 2005 with the Royals. The fact that Greinke has a 91 overall, that is higher than all three AL Cy Young Finalists, and many more better pitchers last year, it shows how much this game depends on defensive stats, which Greinke excels at on this game.

Be sure to checkout the video above and let us know what you think of these ratings in the comments below!

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