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MLB The Show 16 New Modes: Battle Royale and Conquest

MLB The Show 16 Conquest

Gamestop released a teaser trailer for MLB The Show 16 introducing the longly awaited two new modes in Diamond Dynasty, Battle Royale and Conquest.  These modes are exclusive to Diamond Dynasty, but hopefully it is a sign that SDS may be able to implement some of these ideas into to their other modes.

Battle Royale: Battle Royale is very similar to draft champs from Madden where you draft your team and go online to play head to head against other users.  It is a 25 man draft, different from madden, and it is a double elimination tourney.  There are also reward tiers that go up to 20 or more wins. The incentive for this mode is that only certain cards such as the Legend, Nolan Ryan, will be only unlockable through Battle Royale.  However, it may be very difficult to obtain some of these cards, especially if you do not draft the right team.  The games are only 3 innings long too, so one bad mistake can cost you a game.

Conquest: Conquest is an offline only mode where you play the CPU for territories and their fans.  In the trailer they said it is a turn based game and it also used to be NBA 10 The Inside under the same name, Conquest.  Similar to Battle Royale, only certain cards will be unlockable by playing this mode and it too are 3 inning matches.  Something to note from the trailer is that you can sim games if your team is a lot better than the CPU’s and you can also play on harder difficulties to obtain more fans.

Overall, both of these modes add more layers and depth into an already deep Diamond Dynasty mode.  It will give players different ways to earn cards and play the game.  With the 3 inning matches, it will allow users to get games in faster as well.  Ultimately, this mode is looking to be much deeper than the last iteration of Diamond Dynasty and it will have alot more to offer to all kinds of players.

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