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MLB The Show 16 Tips: Stopping The Run Game

mlb the show 16 tips

In MLB The Show 16, SDS has made a few changes to stealing bases. Compared to previous iterations, MLB The Show 16 has decreased the default lead off for all baserunners by one step. This actually plays a big role for holding runners and stopping base stealers.

Last year MLB 15 The Show introduced a user’s ability to slide step. This is still one of the most important features to prevent runners from stealing bases on you. To slide step this year make sure you hold L2 now. Last year you would hold R2, so be aware that they did change for this year. It is important to slide step, especially with good speed and baserunning on first and even second base. You can also slide step to show different arm angles, and this even works for a lot of relieves in the game since most of them only pitch off the stretch. The trade off is that you do lose some control and velocity but is ia great asset to hold runners.

Watch my tutorial from last year on the slide step:

This year MLB The Show 16 has given us a few new tools in our arsenal to prevent
base stealers.  You can deke runners by holding L2 and tapping R2, while a runner is on
second base and being held on.  This will make users take a step back towards the bag
and can actually allow you to not even make pick off attempts to keep runners close.
Keeping users close to the bag at 2nd can also give your outfielders a higher chance to
throw out runners at the plate on singles to the outfield.

Watch my Deking tutorial:

Lastly, snapback throws are implemented better this year.  They were there in year’s
past, but your catchers would throw lolly gags to the base.  This year the catcher does
throw a lot harder, pending on their arm strength.  You can also do a pitch out and/or
slidestep to better utilize the snapback throws.  If your opponent likes to take a lead off
and you cannot pick them off from your pitcher or if they like to steal and send the
runners back then the snap back throw will be a huge asset for you.  To use the snap
back throw, simply just hold the button of the bag (or use analog if your using analog
fielding) and the catcher will make a snapback throw to whatever bag you desired.

Watch my Snapback tutorial:

Also, users can mix up their pace to the plate to confuse runners.  This means you quick
pitch one pitch then you come set and hold the ball the next time.  Some users will try to
manual steal on you and this is a great way to throw them off.  You can also step off the
mound by using the L1 button and you do not even have to throw over to force the
runner back.

Overall, we have the ability to slide step, pitch out, deke, make snapback throws, and
control the pace of your delivery to keep baserunners in check.  Make sure to use all
tools to your advantage!

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