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MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty Tips: Best Ways to Make Stubs

In MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty you may find yourself having a tough time getting the stubs that are so pivotal in Diamond Dynasty. However, there some very good methods to getting yourself a good amount of stubs.

The first way to increase the amount of stubs you make is to look through all of the missions, and to try and complete the ones you may be within reach of. For example, in MLB The Show 17 you can get plenty of stubs with the Collect missions. You have to reach 15 or 25 players, and you’ll get good players as a reward as well.

You also have different “programs”, as the Diamond program, the Dynasty program, and the Archer program. The Archer program is very easy, while the other two are harder, but you will also get better rewards.

Another way is Team Epics. This is something you can do after you completed the 40-man teams, because you can’t fully complete them, but they can be useful anyway as you can complete the first two after the first couple of 15-man to get other stubs.

Then you have another rather easy way with the Player Spotlight. Those are rather easy, and most of the players will be bronze and silver. These won’t take you too much time. My Career missions are very good as well because you’ll be able to stack up a lot of stubs. For these missions, you get rewards for accumulating stats like home runs, hits, strikeouts, and they reward you very handsomely for doing so. For example, for 300 home runs, you’ll get a whopping 14,000 stubs. Numbers may seem intimidating at first, but you’ll eventually reach them as you keep on playing.

You also have the Conquest mission which will be important to complete. These missions will get you players, players that you can sell in order to gain stubs. You mainly will have to conquer as much as possible so to get packs, players, and stubs. Conquest missions are probably the best way to start accumulating stubs as, a little bit like My Career, many of those will be completed as you keep on playing.

Another good way to earn stubs is to use the marketplace, and flip cards. Essentially, card flipping is when you buy a card for a lower price, and sell it for a higher one. The way to do this is to first look for a card with a large gap between their Buy Now and Sell Now columns in the market. (This works best with gold cards as well.) All you have to do is find a player with around a 1000 stub gap, or more, then put in a buy order for the player, and when you get them, put up a sell order for a higher amount. Also, the card should be in the live series as those are the cards that get sold and bought the most.

Probably the best is to get things going with Gold cards, but you can also use Silvers or Diamonds, although probably the Golds have the best value as they seem to be the golden middle. If you repeat this process many times, you will end up making a huge profit of stubs, but don’t forget that there is a 10% tax. Check out our video to see some players to be used with this strategy.

Do you have a better way to make stubs? Let us know in the comments.

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