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MLB The Show 18 Patch 1.10 Released, Details Included

Today, San Diego Studio (SDS) released Patch 1.10 for MLB The Show 18. The update is not cosmetic, as it aims to completely change the online meta. This comes a week after SDS said on a Twitch broadcast that changing major elements to gameplay mechanics could cause additional issues, and that it would be hard to perfect any installment of the game once it’s already been released. This led many to believe Patch 1.09 was the final major gameplay update of the year.

As it turns out, the community completely overreacted (shocker). Patch 1.10 is the most impactful release to date, featuring major PCI changes.

The first GIF shows PCI range of motion prior to today’s patch, with the second GIF showing the updated range. As you can see, players now have quite a bit more room to work with.

PCI range of motion prior to Patch 1.10. GIF from TheShowNation
PCI range of motion moving forward in MLB The Show 18. GIF from TheShowNation

The goal with this change is to cut down on weakly hit balls, a chief complaint of many hardcore online players. Most opponents online throw pitches all around the edges of the zone, making it difficult to square the ball up. While this new patch shouldn’t make that easy, it should help give players better results for their PCI inputs.

In addition, Patch 1.10 also slightly decreased the PCI size for all hitters and increased pitch speeds. This should result in more strikeouts, especially for players with low vision and/or contact ratings. Bargain players like Ryan Schimpf and Joey Gallo may officially be unusable.

You can view the full patch notes here.

Later today, MLB The Show 18 will receive yet another large content update. A roster upgrade, new event and Memorial Day gear are all slated to drop ahead of the holiday weekend. Check back with us, as we’ll have all the details on the new content.

What do you think of the latest patch for MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty? Are you having more success online after this update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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