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MLB The Show 19: Babe Ruth Available Now


This week, San Diego Studio (SDS) released a content update for MLB The Show 19 making Babe Ruth available in Diamond Dynasty. This update also includes over two dozen new Finest cards, new moments, new packs and much more. Here’s a complete breakdown of all the new content.


After seven long months, SDS has finally released Babe Ruth, perhaps the most popular and sought-after card in Diamond Dynasty. To earn Babe Ruth, you must reach World Series level (900 rating) in ranked seasons mode in Diamond Dynasty. Below is a look at the Babe’s attributes.



The first set of MLB The Show 19’s Finest cards are available now. You can find these cards in new Finest packs (25,000 stubs each), or in the marketplace. You can also earn a free Finest card by completing the new Finest moments.

Here’s a list of all cards that have been released to this point.

  • Rafael Devers, Diamond 98 overall, Boston Red Sox 3B
  • Matt Chapman, Diamond 98 overall, Oakland Athletics 3B
  • Bryce Harper, Diamond 97 overall, Philadelphia Phillies RF
  • Bo Bichette, Diamond 96 overall, Toronto Blue Jays SS
  • Shohei Ohtani, Diamond 95 overall, Los Angeles Angels RF
  • Brian Anderson, Diamond 95 overall, Miami Marlins 3B
  • Matthew Boyd, Diamond 94 overall, Detroit Tigers SP
  • Mike Yastrzemski, Diamond 94 overall, San Francisco Giants LF
  • Trey Mancini, Diamond 94 overall, Baltimore Orioles RF
  • Daniel Vogelbach, Diamond 93 overall, Seattle Mariners 1B

By collecting all of the cards above, you can earn the Finest Set 1 exclusive collection reward, 99 overall closing pitcher Kirby Yates. Take a look at his ratings and card art.

Lastly, MLB The Show released a schedule for upcoming content drops, live streams and much more. Here is the full schedule for the remainder of the season.

You can read more about all of the new content here.

What do you think of the recent content updates? Are you already grinding the 8th Inning Program? Which of the new cards do you need on your team right away? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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