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MLB The Show 19: Diamond Dynasty Deep Dive


Sony San Diego Studio (SDS) revealed more details for Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 19, which drops for Playstation 4 on March 26. They took a look at special edition diamond cards, new programs, and all-new Signature Series cards. Each Thursday leading up to the game’s release, SDS developers and designers will live stream on Twitch from the game’s studio. Here’s a full breakdown of the news from the latest stream.

MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty

Team Epic programs have been renamed Team Affinity. Some parts of these new programs will need to be completed through the all-new Moments and March to October modes. Other parts will be simple exchanges, as the SDS team promises the exchanges will be much more afforable and less tedious. Remember, souvenirs are gone from Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 19.

For the first time ever in MLB The Show, Battle Royale mode will include a re-draft option. Players who wish to restart after a bad draft or a loss can do so without quitting an additional game. Simply hit the re-draft button and start a new BR draft for 1,500 stubs.

Signature Series Cards

If you played MLB The Show 18, you’re familiar with Immortal cards. These 99 overall cards dominated competitive lineups across all parts of Diamond Dynasty. Additionally, while the cards didn’t cost any real money to obtain, lengthy grinding and exchange missions made Immortals an overall negative experience for most who played The Show 18.

In MLB The Show 19, the highest-rated cards will mostly come from the Signature Series collection. These cards are not universally 99 overall and require less time and exchanges to acquire. However, they will be sporadically released throughout the year, unlike last year, when every Immortal was released on one day. Below is a look at the first five signature series cards: Brooks Robinson, Frank Thomas, Joe Morgan, Tony Gwynn and Duke Snider.


New Diamond Cards Revealed

Eight new special edition diamond cards were also shown during the broadcast. All-Star Steve Finley (87), Postseason Barry Larkin (87), All-Star Cliff Floyd (87), Breakout Bob Feller (89), Hardware Buster Posey (87), Postseason Joe Carter (87), Breakout Ian Kinsler (87) and Hardware Mike Schmidt (87) were all shown. Below is a look at the card art for all eight cards.

MLB The Show 19 News Schedule

In addition to today’s stream, SDS has released an upcoming broadcast schedule for all future MLB The Show 19 news. The next news day is Monday, when SDS will release a short video with Gamestop for another preview of MLB The Show 19. Below is the full schedule.

You can watch Sony San Diego’s Twitch broadcasts, including past streams, here.

What do you think of the improvements to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 19? Which of the new legends will you get on your team right away? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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