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MLB The Show 19: No New Franchise Features?

MLB The Show 19 Franchise Mode

Is MLB The Show 19 really not going to have any updates to its Franchise Mode?

As part of MLB The Show Mondays, fans got a look at some of the user interface in this year’s game and one thing stood out to most.

Captured by Bryan Wiedey aka PastaPadre, it was noticed that of the major modes only one didn’t have a “New” tag overlay on their menu listing. That mode you ask? Well, it’s Franchise Mode.

In the menu we see the “New” tag on top of modes like Road To The Show – which we already knew was getting some updates thanks to the screens released last week — Moments, Diamond Dynasty and a new unannounced mode called March To October.

We already knew that Online Franchise wasn’t going to be returning in MLB The Show 19, but that left fans hoping that maybe the offline version of the mode would see some nice improvements. Instead, if this image is any indication at all, it doesn’t look while players will be getting those either.

Now, to be clear, MLB The Show’s franchise mode is one of the deepest franchise modes in all of sports gaming. From it’s scouting to the depth of management of your players, there is plenty to do from a sim aspect for fans. But  that doesn’t mean there weren’t things fans wanted to see added for this season.

That means, unless this was a mistake in the menu system, features fans hoped for like custom teams, custom ballparks, and an International prospect signing pool, among other things will have to wait another year before they are hopefully implemented.

It just leaves a bad taste in the mouths of fans who already felt like franchise mode was being left behind by a number of their favorite games in favor of microtransaction-heavy card collecting and single-player modes. Something like not having any big updates to the mode in MLB’s only sim console title just adds to that feeling of being forgotten.

So sports gamers, let’s hear what you think. Does the seemingly lack of new features to the game’s franchise mode on top of the no online franchise sour you on MLB The Show 19? Will you still be picking it up for PlayStation 4?

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