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MLB The Show 19 Patch 1.09 Released, Patch Notes Included


This morning, San Diego Studio (SDS) released Patch 1.09 for MLB The Show 19. This is the first major gameplay patch since the game’s release on March 26. Lineouts, fielding bugs, MLB stadium framerates and more were all addressed. Here’s a complete breakdown.

Per TheShowNation, below are some of the most important patch notes.

  • Diamond fielders will no longer make errors on routine ground balls.
    • (They can still make errors, just not on the routine set up low catches).
  • Fixed an issue with player behavior near walls that was preventing fielders from branching to catch animations.
  • Fixed an issue where the catcher would not react to a steal from 3rd to home, if the batter attempted and missed a bunt with the bases loaded.
  • Adjustments made to fielder urgency on knee-down throws to 1st.
  • The matchmaking window now does not include rating mod, allowing users to control whether they match within the divisions / difficulty windows they prefer.
  • Slightly reduced timing window for hitting, which increases the frequency of strikeouts and late counts.
  • Further reduced timing window for pitchers when hitting.
  • In Diamond Dynasty games, the guaranteed line drive region is slightly reduced to account for the higher caliber teams in this mode.

SDS delivered on basically all of its major promises leading up to MLB The Show 19, but as with any new game, new issues eventually surfaced. On hall of fame and legend difficulty, players were experiencing lineouts on a vast majority of squared up balls. Most hits that occurred in games played on said difficulties were late timing swings, and it became very unclear who the better or more deserving player was.

Additionally, fielding in Diamond Dynasty games became a problem. While The Show 19 delivered on making fielding ratings more impactful, elite fielders were randomly botching routine plays at a rate that was simply too high. Not only that, but outfielders nearing a wall would sometimes not lock on and catch the ball, resulting in doubles and triples that should’ve been outs.

This patch addresses both of the above issues. Line drives have been reduced, and fielding has been improved. Weak hits were also addressed, as reducing the timing window will only reward good players more and punish bad players. For all intents and purposes, it seems SDS really listened to the community and tried to execute a very direct patch without completely changing the game. Time will tell how the community responds.

You can view the full patch notes here.

Friday, MLB The Show 19 will receive yet another large content update. A roster update featuring attribute changes and new content, including the 3rd Inning Program, is set to drop. Check back with us, as we’ll have all the details on the changes.

What do you think of the first major patch for MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty? Are you having more success online after this update? Is there something new that needs to be fixed? Let us know in the comment section below.

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