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MLB The Show 19: Patch 1.13 and All-Star Summer Available Now


Today, San Diego Studio (SDS) released Patch 1.13, following up another yet another large content update for MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty earlier this week. This update includes changes to new events, four new Signature Series cards, new moments, new packs, a patch and more. Here’s a complete breakdown.


All-Star Summer has officially begun. This event is essentially three in one, and the exclusive rewards are the best offered so far for events in MLB The Show 19. Each event lasts eight days, and four event vouchers can be earned from each.

The first event, Split Squad I, is available now. Games are three innings long, and there is a player max overall of 85. To build a lineup, use pitchers from the American League and hitters from the National League.

The exclusive All-Star Summer event rewards are two Signature Series cards: 94 overall Travis Hafner and 97 overall Omar Vizquel. Hafner can be redeemed after earning 6 event vouchers, and Vizquel after 9 event vouchers. Earning 15 wins in each of the three events will secure the 12 total vouchers needed to complete the All-Star Summer collection.

Below is a look at the cart art and ratings for Hafner and Vizquel.


Next, two new Signature Series cards have made their way into MLB The Show 19’s Diamond Dynasty: 95 overall Jim Palmer and 95 overall Justin Upton. Both cards can be opened via the new Headliners Set 13 packs in the store, and bought and sold on the marketplace. Below is a look at the attributes and card art for both cards.

PATCH 1.13

Early this morning, SDS released Patch 1.13, another in a long line of gameplay tuning patches. Today’s patch is vital to online gameplay, specifically in higher levels and in competitive play. Per TheShowNation, here are the key points of the patch notes:

  • Legend difficulty in Diamond Dynasty now has a slightly smaller timing window resulting in a lesser chance of putting the ball into play.
  • Slightly more swing and misses for timing in Diamond Dynasty (does not affect timing window, but converts the most extreme timing fouls into misses, meaning an occasional “very early” or “very late” swing that barely made contact will now be a miss).
  • Sinkers and changeups lose a touch more break when pitched high in the zone.

You can read more about Patch 1.13 by clicking here.


New moments are available. More Topps Now moments, 4th Inning Program moments and Sony Partner moments are available. The featured Sony Partner is Mills. Completing all of his moments earns you a 87 overall All-Star flashback Chris Davis! Below is a look at the card art and attributes for Davis.


Lastly, SDS has released an up-to-the-minute schedule for new content, releases, updates, broadcasts and more. Below is the upcoming content schedule.

You can read more about all of the new content here.

What do you think of the All-Star Summer event? What are your best pulls from the new Headliners packs? Which of the new cards do you need on your team right away? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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