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MLB The Show 20: Competitive Events, New Details on Custom Leagues



League commissioners can customize virtually every aspect of the league. Here are just some of the notable settings commissioners can adjust:

  • League size (2-30 members)
  • Season length (4-162 games)
  • Difficulty (rookie, pro, all-star, hall of fame or legend)
  • Designated Hitter (on/off)
  • Postseason teams
  • Postseason series length (1, 3, 5 or 7 games)
  • Number of innings, balks on/off, guess pitch on/off, quick counts on/off, umpires
  • Game sliders for humans and CPUs
  • Slider to adjust wind


SDS dipped its toes into the eSports world in MLB The Show 19, hosting two competitive tournaments towards the end of the year, each of which had $10,000 prize pools. It looks as though they will build on this in The Show 20, as competitive tournaments have been integrated into the game itself.


Now, tournament game results will be automatically reported, which gives players a much smoother competitive experience. Lastly, SDS revealed that Battle Royale mode will be integrated into certain competitive events, meaning that users will have to draft a squad, rather than use their own Diamond Dynasty ‘credit card’ team.

The developers teased Diamond Dynasty diehards by showing the card art for three of the game’s already-announced new legends: All-Star Gary Sheffield, Breakout David Ortiz and Postseason Mariano Rivera.


These three cards will be choices in a Diamond Dynasty pack available to those who pre-order MLB The Show 20.

The Show developers also revealed Todd Helton will be added as a new legend in Diamond Dynasty this year. Here is a screenshot from the teaser video.







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