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MLB The Show 20: Showdown Mode Deep Dive (Screenshots Included)


Users are given a long list of Showdowns to complete, but the developers chose to demonstrate the starter Showdown on stream today. Showdowns begin by drafting a team, similar to BR. However, the draft consists of just 10 rounds, and the rest of the team is filled automatically with bronze players.

When drafting your team, you’ll also select perks for your squad that will come into play in key situations. For example, if you draft the “Jump Start” perk, your team will have a significant hitting contact boost on the first two pitches of an at-bat. Below is an example.

Showdowns feature a series of moments to complete in order to finish the mission as a whole. Each moment in the Showdown earns you take-home rewards for Diamond Dynasty (stubs, packs, XP) and rewards for the Showdown itself (more players and perks for your Showdown run).


If you missed today’s stream, the video is below.


 ? What do you think of the new Showdown mode  


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