Feb 26, 2021
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MLB The Show 20: Team Affinity Stage 3 Out Now, Details Here


Stage 3 opens reward path slots from 130 points to 190 points in each team’s program. The following are all of the stage 3 rewards for each team:

  • 130 points: team mascot profile icon
  • 140 points: 5 Team Affinity packs
  • 150 points: Ballin’ is a Habit pack (guaranteed gold or better player)
  • 160 points: 5,000 stubs
  • 170 points: Face of the Franchise legend diamond player
  • 180 points: 2,500 stubs
  • 190 points: 5 Ballin’ is a Habit packs

Reaching 170 points in a team’s program unlocks the Stage 3 card. This stage’s theme is Legends of the Franchise, and every card is 97 overall or higher. Each of the 30 legends are below.


Each team now has three extra moments (in addition to the Stage 3 moment) to help users catch up. Each moment is still worth three points.


In addition, Showdown mode has been updated for Stage 3. Showdowns are now divided into East, Central and West. For example, completing and East Showdown will earn five vouchers worth four points each. Those vouchers are redeemable for any team in the AL East or NL East.

Team Affinity Stage 3



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