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MLB The Show 21 Adds Field of Dreams

In anticipation of the Yankees and White Sox matchup at the “Field of Dreams,” MLB The Show 21 is adding a free content update for all players. On Tuesday, Sony San Diego’s update will go live, allowing gamers to play on the one-of-a-kind field.

The MLB The Show team worked closely with Major League Baseball and the field architects to replicate “the most famous cornfield in Iowa.” The stadium pays homage to the famed Field of Dreams from the self-titled film in rural Iowa. The 1989 movie starring Kevin Costner is a must-watch for any baseball fan out there.

“Reconstructing the most famous cornfield in Iowa to include in MLB The Show 21 was an awesome chance to show what makes this game unique and why we love baseball.”

MLB The Show 21 How Devs Built Field of Dreams

Recreating the Field of Dreams was no small task according to the San Diego Studio’s dev team. In a blog post, developers went over the process of bringing the stadium to life in MLB The Show:

“We received first the image of the stadium at the beginning of the year,” the team said. “One of the first things we noticed was the corn; countless cornhusks surrounding the stadium. We started listing all the elements in the stadium that would be unique and representative of this famed site. We were able to start designing the light structure locations, seating area, and general surroundings.”

MLB Field of Dreams in MLB The Show 21

“We then received the first detailed layout of the stadium, which was essential for our teams to begin production… With reference material in hand, from here it was up to the artists to create the details and bring the stadium to life. As stadium construction in Iowa had yet to be finished, our designers needed to research previous construction projects from the builder to craft all the minute details that would make a true-to-life stadium interior. Ultimately, our designers aimed to create a playable, in-game replica that gives the Field of Dreams the respect it deserves and is something that we, the fans, and the players would be proud of.”

In addition to the stadium, MLB The Show 21 will be dropping an entire week of live content dedicated to the Field of Dreams concept. The content is available for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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