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MLB The Show 21 – Ballplayer Q&A

On Thursday, March 25, San Diego Studios will drop a new Feature Premier for MLB The Show 21. In the days leading up to the big reveal, the developers release a Q&A video about the upcoming feature. This week is no different. Today, Sony Interactive Brand Strategist Ramone Russell and the Coach answer questions about your Ballplayer in and how they’re interact with Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 – Ballplayers in Diamond Dynasty & Road to the Show

Russell addresses the most pressing question first: Can I create the Perfect Ballplayer in MLB The Show 21?

Well, no. Players can get each individual stats up to 99, obviously. However, it won’t be possible to get every stat up to 99 at the same time. MLB The Show 21’s Road to the Show seems to want to keep Ballplayers grounded in reality. This year, Ballplayers cannot be drafted in the first round, and you cannot request trades on-demand. You can, however, choose which team drafts your player. These decision are part of MLB The Show 21’s new Road to the Show narrative experience, which centers its story on your Ballplayer. The coolest question answered today is about your Ballplayers’ fate after they age out of Road to the Show. You’ll be able to carry that player over into Diamond Dynasty and keep using them.

There are four ways to increase your Ballplayer’s attributes. The main way is naturally, by playing Road to the Show. You can also increase attributes through perks, archetype items, and equipment. Ballplayers will be able to pitch and play in the field this year. However, they won’t be able to do both in the same game. Players will have to choose which their Ballplayer fills before each game.

Finally, Russell teases at tomorrow’s Feature Premier. Coach asks, “now that Ballplayers can pitch as well as hit, will their hitting/pitching caps in DD be lowered to compensate?” The answer is a bit more complex than the format allows. Your Ballplayer’s attribute potential is determined by two factors in MLB The Show 21: loadouts and general progress. San Diego Studios will dive deeper into attribute potential in tomorrow’s premier, which goes live at 3 PM PDT/6 PM EDT.

MLB The Show 21 releases on April 20 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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Grant McDonald
Grant McDonald
1 year ago

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SDS want to “make it more grounded” but allows you to pick which team drafts you and allows you to change what kind of player you are completely before each game. That doesn’t really fit with the whole realism thing. I don’t get why they did not just leave RTTS’s system alone.