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MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Detailed

In the latest Feature Premiere for MLB The Show 21, Ramone Russell and the crew focused in on Road to the Show. This year’s game includes a revamped narrative, an all-new two-way player option, and all-new Ballplayer feature.

Revamped narrative in Road to the Show

It appears San Diego Studio listened to its fans. Finally, a narrative is coming to Road to the Show. This year’s mode features a dynamic story that grows with a player’s choices, play, and actions. This starts with the Road to the Show Podcast that will follow players through their respective minor league careers until they reach the majors.

In Double-A ball, three-time All-Star Sean, Casey, will talk about your player and whether or not he believes your character can make it as a two-way player. All-Star outfielder and World Series champion Cliff Floyd then comments on your stop in triple-A, before Robert Flores and MLB Network follow your path once you reach “the show.”

According to Ben Gellman, broadcast design specialist for MLB The Show 21, there are 180 episodes that can come up over the course of your RTTS journey. These episodes feature 13 different MLB voices and personalities. In next-gen versions of The Show, these episodes will feature a full motion video broadcast presentation. Current gen consoles will also get episodes, but in the format of audio-only podcasts.

Two-way player

Inspired by Angels Rookie of the Year Shohei Ohtani, Road to the Show characters have the opportunity to be a two-way player for the very first time. No longer are gamers forced to start a new RTTS if they’re a position player and want to be a pitcher.

In this year’s version of Road to the Show, players are introduced as a multi-talented prospect. You will pitch a game and play a couple in the field before your manager approaches you asking how you’d like to proceed. Interestingly, players have a lot of flexibility and versatility when it comes with how they’d like to move forward (i.e. playing the field and starting on occasion). Of course, RTTS’ revamped narrative will go along with and react to your decision. Agents or managers will also check back in to see if you have a change of heart and want to adjust how/where/when you want to play.

MLB The Show 21 Ballplayer

The Ballplayer feature in The Show 21 aims to bridge the gap between RTTS and Diamond Dynasty. Players will now be able to use their Road to the Show player in Diamond Dynasty and DD moments (while progressing in the process). SDS did leave the door open, however, to expand Ballplayer use into other modes going forward. This could also lay the foundation for the future of MLB The Show. Progression loadouts give users the ability to create a particular loadout for specific tasks. Loadouts are made of up player archetypes, perks, and equipment options. These are selected before a taking the field and cannot be changed in-game.

Legend Reveal

Last, but not least, this Feature Premiere’s Legend Reveal is the late, great Kirby Puckett. The 10-time All-Star and Hall of Fame centerfielder joins Alfonso Soriano, Grady Sizemore, and legendary Pirate Roberto Clemente as the legends coming to MLB The Show 21 so far. Keep an eye out for more reveals to come very soon.

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