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MLB The Show Aims High With New AI

Arcadish reactions from the computer-controlled games are always something that baffles the players when they play solo-mode, whether in baseball, basketball, or hockey games.

But the devs at Sony Interactive Entertainment promise to bring this aspect to a whole new level with their new AI in their upcoming title, MLB The Show 17.

Last week, SIE released a new trailer on their YouTube channel, which you can see here:

You may have noticed how the players have now a much, much improved situational awareness. They will also be more human-like in their reactions and, of course, gameplay.

“Our game and our AI is so much smarter now at noticing the situation and the players that are in the situation,” said Ramone Russell of Sony San Diego, in an interview with Polygon.

It is suggested to have a closer look at the video for more details on how players react differently if compared to the other versions of MLB The Show. Players now react faster and smarter, although this meant more work for the devs as they needed to create a bigger number of animations. This part, although, is a treat for players too, as they’ll be able to see more of them. They are also smarter in the way they recognize who the opponents is playing.

“The players realize the situation and they take their time or they don’t take their time, and it looks realistic,” Russell explained during his Polygon interview. “We wanted to get to that, and now we’re able to get to it without the exploits. So now you’re going to see way more animations play, because the fielders are smarter at knowing who’s at bat and what that situation is.”

Of course, the result looks excellent, and it comes after two years of work started while working at the 2015 edition of the game.

MLB The Show 17, the twelfth installment of the series, will launch on the Playstation 4 next March 28.

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