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Nintendo Switch Will Catch RBI Baseball 17 Later This Year

RBI Baseball 17

As the Switch enters its fourth month on the market, Nintendo continues on their promise to provide third party titles. And they are doing so by going back to games that were with them from their first home console.

The Nintendo Switch version or RBI Baseball 17 will feature the 30 stadiums and 1,000 plus MLB players. The game modes include season, postseason, exhibition, and couch multiplayer. They also state the rosters will receive regular updates, and that players can change the lineup or use classic rosters for customization. Strangely, there was no direct mention of online multiplayer despite other versions having it.

According to a release on the game’s website, the game will be updated to take advantage of the Switch’s controller. However, they did not say exactly what that would entail.

RBI Baseball 17 will be available for the Nintendo Switch on September 5, 2017. It is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, Android, and iOS.

For more on RBI Baseball 17, check out our review.

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