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Out of the Park Baseball 22 Trailer LIVE

It’s been a little over a week since Out of the Park Developments officially announced Out of the Park Baseball 22. The announcement came with a schedule for, well, other announcements. Just on time, the official trailer for Out of the Park Baseball 22 went live this morning. The trailer leaves out the fluff, getting straight to revealing new features coming to OOTP 22. We get a sneak peak at a new mode coming to Perfect Team in OOTP 22 as well.

Out of the Park Baseball 22 proudly calls itself the “Infinte Baseball Sandbox,” revealing stat sheet after stat sheet to show it isn’t joking around. Not that I need to be convinced. I’ve seen Out of the Park Baseball let players hit over 3,000 batters with pitches. Clearly you can do anything.

The trailer briefly touches on OOTP 22’s fully remodeled coaching system, teasing brand new strategy and management options. It also drops the name of a new mode for Perfect Team (OOTP’s equivalent of EA’s Ultimate Team): Perfect Draft. Presumably, we’ll learn more about Perfect Draft in a few weeks when Out of the Park Development drops its Perfect Team 22 trailer on March 16.

New 3D Stadiums

If you love building your own baseball parks, 2021 is your year. Just this week, MLB The Show 21 revealed its new Stadium creator. Today, Out of the Park Baseball 22 dedicated a hefty chunk of it’s 1 minute 30 second trailer to the baseball park experience. In OOTP 22, each MLB team will have its own unique 3D stadium design. The Trailer shows the home parks of the Marlins, the Angels of Anaheim, the Dodgers and the Orioles as examples.

The trailer also gives a brief look at OOTP 22’s new “dramatically improved” stadium construction kit. How weird will be able to get with this bad boy? I don’t know, but these uneven lines give me something to be excited about.

The next info on Out of the Park Baseball 22 is scheduled to drop next week, on March 12. MLB Network’s Scott Braun will join the developers to talk about what we saw in today’s trailer and more. Currently, you can preorder Out of the Park Baseball 22 for the PC through the developer’s website. You can wishlist OOTP 22 on its Steam page as well.

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