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Super Mega Baseball 3 Added to EA Play

Super Mega Baseball 3 is now a part of the EA Play library. The game was developed by Metalhead Software and published by Electronic Arts. It was one of the more well-received sports titles in a year riddled by COVID-19.

Super Mega Baseball on EA Play

The game was released May 13, 2020, on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Its features include an all-new franchise mode and the ability to import custom teams from Super Mega Baseball 2. 

Super Mega Baseball 3 features Exhibition, Pennant Race, Season, and Elimination modes. The franchise mode is deep. It allows players to sign free agents and Player Development. It’s one of the few sports titles with cross-play. In a post-launch update, Metalhead also released a brand-new cross-platform online mode for Super Mega Baseball 3 called Online Leagues. The mode was released on September 29. It allows users to create and join custom leagues online with friends. Leagues can range from casual to competitive play and each league can have up to 32 players.

It earned an 83 on Metacritic. The Super Mega Baseball series garnered a positive reputation. It has been praised for being one of the most consistent and well-developed sports gaming franchises available. One critic even regarded Super it as the best baseball game they have ever played.

We at SGO are inclined to agree. In our review of SMB3, we gave it a 9/10. We praised it for not being something that it wasn’t. It is an arcade-like baseball game that doesn’t try to overcomplicate things. Metalhead Software proves that you don’t need a major league license to make a great sports game. It gives an experience that plays as close to simulation baseball as possible while still clearly being an over-the-top arcade game.

Let us know how you are feeling below about Super Mega Baseball 3 being added to EA Play. Will you be playing it?

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