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Super Mega Baseball 3 What’s New Video: All New Franchise Mode & More!

Super Mega Baseball 3

Earlier today, Metalhead Software released a second reveal video for Super Mega Baseball 3. Titled “What’s New?”, the video covers just that, new features to expect in the upcoming game.

Super Mega Baseball 3 – What’s New?

The first video released not too long ago and features a high level overview. This one is all about what’s new.

The video opens with discussing the all-new Franchise mode. SMB3 features a franchise mode revolving around real life simulation. Players’ traits and skills will evolve based on their age and tenure with a certain level unpredictability. Additionally, as a manager, you will have some control over player development. However, character development opportunities to improves skills and traits come with a cost. Expect to miss some opportunities in favor of more advantageous ones.

Franchise mode also introduces player movement. This concept creates a living league as player will have salary expectations. Players will also negotiate depending on the free agency pool or potential gain with other teams. As teams are able to re-sign or drop players, the players themselves can choose to leave a team at the end of a season. Everyone moves within a limited budget, so there are several things to consider before handing out large contracts.

The Old with a Facelift

Other modes, like Season and Elimination make a valiant return in Super Mega Baseball 3, but come with some new additions. In both modes, you can play as multiple teams allowing for head-to-head or party style competition. You’ll also be able to watch any scheduled game on the field in addition to a simulated stats view. In Elimination, SMB3 now allows more control over the opening brackets.

Stadiums, Teams, and Customization

Super Mega Baseball 3 makes further additions across the board. With a total of 14 ballparks, SMB3 gives each stadium its own unique lighting and day/night cycle. This includes unique weather affects depending on location.

There are four new teams this year for a total of 20. While four the teams are completely new, the rosters may consist of previous standard players as some may have team switched since their appearance in Super Mega Baseball 2.

Like everything else, customization options have been expanded with new tools and additional functionality. Text layers now allow for transformation including pinching and warping.

It does not stop there; the quick 9 minute video also reveals:

  • Online improvements in preparation for crossplay and stability
  • Rendering enhancements to textures, lighting and materials
  • Actions taken to address microstutters and framerate
  • New soundtracks and audio including a PA announcer with quirky bark dialogue
  • New modern UI adjustments and much more

The video did leave out changes to on the field gameplay as a third reveal video will cover this topic. Super Mega Baseball 3 releases on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam for $44.99.

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