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14 Must Have Improvements & Additions to NBA 2K16 MyCareer


MyCareer has been one of the most popular modes 2K Sports have created but there is still a ways to go into making it into the experience NBA 2K Basketball fans are looking for. Here are our list of must have improvements in NBA 2K16 to take MyCareer to the next level.

#1. Euro league


2k Sports have the rights for the Euro teams, so why don’t they use it in MyCareer? It doesn’t make sense to me that we are just some no-name player that came out of nowhere and is now all of a sudden in the NBA. What if they allowed us to play in the Euro league tournament and allow us to make a name for ourselves?


#2. Draft CombineNBA_2K10_Draft_Combine -- Derrick Rose

Doing the draft combine and based on that deciding where we will go in the draft would be good. It’s not like they have not done this before. It was fun playing a few games with just the upcoming rookies, and seeing our draft stock go up or down after games. If we perform poorly perhaps we get drafted in the second round, get sent to the D-League, and then get called up. Again, that’s not something that they haven’t done before. It would also be nice for the other rookies draft spots to be changed up with based off their performance. And make our performance affect our overall.

#3. Draft

nba2k_draftI did enjoy the draft, but it wasn’t perfect. Make it so we actually count in the draft. What I mean by this is that when we got drafted we would be on whatever team we got drafted to WITH the rookie that got drafted there in real life. I want to be drafted in that spot INSTEAD of that rookie. For example, if we did so well that we are the #1 pick make Okafor or whoever the #1 pick is go to the next pick, and make that #2 pick the #3 and so on.  Maybe that pick completely changes the A.I’s logic and makes Okafor fall to a different team. I want this because it seems silly to me when 1 team in the draft gets to pick 2 players in 1 spot. In Madden they have different expectations of you based on where you were picked in the draft. I want 2K to add something similar.

#4. D-League


Seeing the D-League back would be good, just to add to the depth. If we ever find ourselves down there we have to play well for a bit. Maybe we get called up by a championship contender that we would be a fit for (Spurs). Maybe we get called up by a tanking team looking for talent without much to lose (76ers). Maybe we get brought up by a team that is injured badly (Heat). Hell, what if the other players in the league go through the same process? I know Napier was sent down for a little bit and that other players were brought up.

#5. Player Overall Rating


One thing that always bothered me about MyCareer in previous years is that no matter where we were drafted #1 or #30 you were the exact same overall. That doesn’t make sense to me. You were picked higher for a reason. If they implement the draft combine then they should use that to determine your stats when you enter the NBA. You should start by picking your play style that have you base stats, like they used to have, with badges, and based on your games during the combine your stats change. For example, let’s say I decide to be a 3pt shooter and my base 3pt is  80, if I shoot very well I should enter the league with an 85 3pt, but if I shoot poorly I should enter the league with a 75 3pt. Also get rid of using VC to upgrade your player, we should progress slower and not be able to be the best player in the league 2 seasons in. That is another thing that made MyCareer boring quickly for me. My friend was telling me that he was 4 seasons in and just became a 90 overall in MLB: The Show. 2k should implement a similar system. Our overall should climb higher the closer and closer we get to our “prime”, and then start to slowly fall back down after. This would keep more interest in the MyCareer for longer, because it gets boring being able to drop 40-10-10 every night.

#6. Cutscenes


2K has a good idea going with using cut scenes to advance the story in MyCareer. However, if they are going to use cut scenes they need to go all out. We need different ones after 1 or 2 seasons we start to get the same ones. Why not have a cut scene for missing/losing in the playoffs? Show our players getting mad or frustrated. They have us get a mentor badge after being in the league for 4 years, why not actually show us mentoring the younger players on the team? Also get rid of the cut scene after a bad practice where the coach will come up to us and say something along the lines of, “you will be out of the league soon”. This is fine during the first or second season, but after we have become an All-Star multiple times, won MVP awards, Finals MVP, and various other accolades it’s just plain stupid hearing it.

#7. Rivals

Another thing 2K was doing right was the rival player, but they did not implement it well. Last year they had Jackson Ellis, but they never explained what made us rivals. This year they made our rival Dante Exum, but still failed to explain what made us rivals. They allowed us to talk trash to Kevin Durant if we wanted to, which was a nice addition. They need to allow us to become rivals with every player, or at least a lot more than we have now. Allow us to start up our own rivalries, if we are playing crazy intense defense and reaching all the time have the other player retaliate. Maybe they foul us hard when going for a dunk/layup or they start playing more aggressively.

#8. Friendship

On the flip side of rivalries why not allow us to become friends with various players throughout the league? We could practice together in the offseason, and even team up when we become free agents. This is something that would add more depth to the game.

#9. Accessories

Please 2k do something about the prices of these accessories. We are in the NBA, it shouldn’t take me 3-5 games just to afford a headband. It shouldn’t even take a game. I think that the accessories should be free because we are in the NBA. I really doubt that NBA players have to buy their own headbands/etc. But if we really have to buy them then they should be much cheaper. And also allow us to buy any shoe at any time. NBA players don’t have to wait to wear shoes, so why should we? When we get our shoe endorsement then the shoes should be free.

#10. Hot/Cold Streaks

I know that the announcers will mention who has been playing well over the past month or so. What if that affected our players’ attributes? We play well over a few games some of our stats get a slight boost. Vice Versa for cold streaks.

#11. Injuries

In NBA 2k11 injuries happened to our MyPlayers. They should bring those back just to add some variety to our careers. 2K even added this whole new injury system for 2k15, they should make it affect our MyPlayers.  They have animations where you jump in the air, get hit, and take a hard fall, then we roll on the ground in pain for a bit, then we get up and shoot free throws like nothing happened. I would like to actually have our stats be effected by this. In the older 2k games we even had an option to play through it. Doing this though they have to take out the animation where you take a wide open jumpshot then fall down injured badly.

#12. Coaching

Coaching should be smarter for MyCareer. When I am winning by a lot in the other game modes the computer will automatically put the bench squad in. Why is it in MyCareer when we are winning by a lot or losing by a lot the coaches will keep us in as if it is a 2 point game? The coach needs to actually do defensive matchups. The best defender should be on the best offensive player, not just have each position guard the same one.

#13. Customization

2K we need access to every single hairstyle and tattoos that the NBA players have. There just isn’t enough hairstyles or tattoos that look good, so every MyPlayer tends to look the same.

#14. Voices

Too add on to the customization, it’s about time that 2K adds in more than 2 voices for our MyPlayers. We should get to choose between at least a few different accents across the US or even from major countries all over the world.


Hopefully you enjoyed our Must Have Improvements & Additions to NBA 2K16 MyCareer article. Do you have any other suggestions for the 2K Devs? What would you add to the list?

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