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2K Support Offers Update On Lost Saves And Lost VC

2k support saves lost

2K support has responded to an original post concerning the lost of saved games and spent VC. Below you can find their updated response.

  • File a ticket with 2K Support. Just one… multiple will only make it slower for you.
  • This seems to be Xbox specific and happens mostly in The Neighborhood, when having made a purchase in the store/getting haircut.
  • In your ticket, please provide as much info as you can about what you were doing right before the crash, where you were, and if you played in The Prelude anytime before this, etc. Answering all of those questions will help tremendously and speed up the process. If you already submitted a ticket without this info then follow-up in the same ticket with this info.

If the process seems to be taking awhile, there are a few reasons why so hang tight.

  • Saves ARE lost and 2K is “recovering them” by duplicating and cloning saves which is a long and manual process.
  • Devs are also working to attack the issue from all sides by trying to fix the actual issue.

There is some talk of issuing a refund for lost VC even if the saves are not recovered.

Meanwhile, its highly advised that all Xbox users stay off MyCAREER and explore the other game modes. Non-Xbox players, you should be safe.

2K apologizes for this issue and is working as hard as they can 24/7 to get this issue resolved.

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