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Anime Arrives in NBA 2K22 Season 5: Power Within

Well NBA 2K22 players, I’ve got some bad news. We did our best, but we could only keep The City safe for so long. It gives me no pleasure to announce that Anime has arrived in The City. Visual Concepts announced that “Anime” will be the theme of NBA 2K22’s fifth season, which will provide six weeks’ worth of new questlines on the ascent to Level 40.

NBA 2K22 Season 5: Power Within

When I read the words “Anime has arrived in The City,” in today’s Courtside Report, I was really pulling for the Naruto crossover of my dreams. Unfortunately for me, this update provides no village headbands or Akatsuki robes. I’m actually not really sure why anime is being referenced at all. The presser promises “thrilling quests, cutting-edge rewards, and environment updates around the City and the Cancha Del Mar,” so I’m going to take their word for it.

Here’s what we know for sure is dropping in Season 5. Dynamic Rating cards will be returning to MyTEAM this season. As a reminder, cards with Dynamic Ratings will fluctuate throughout the real NBA season based on how their corresponding player performs. This will add a new MyTEAM tier, Dynamic Ratings Domination, which will award players the Galaxy Opal Paul Millsap card upon completion.

In retrospect, with the way some of these cards are named, maybe Anime has always been in the City.

NBA 75, The W, Paolo Banchero and More

Season 5 will also complete the six NBA 75 MyTEAM collections, introduce some historic new Coach Cards, and introduce the game’s first ever college player card. Duke Power Forward Paolo Banchero will be available as a free agent card. This is an interesting development, and I have to imagine that this kind of thing will be happening more often now that college players can profit off of their likenesses.

The W, a favorite mode of ours, will be receiving updates as well. New rewards for The W include Hall of Fame tier player cards like Ticha Penicheiro and Yolanda Griffith. Another new reward tier includes even more goodies. Finally, each Friday of NBA 2K22’s Season 5 will include a new track from UK-based music label Ninja Tune. NBA 2K22 Season 5 begins Friday, February 25.

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